Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thefts in the Neighborhood

I apologize for my tardy updates. Every incident report matters!

November 5th, Stroller Stolen

From a home in the 2400 block of Cathay, a "bob jogger" twin stroller. This stroller is a $600 item and was taken from the front yard. It is navy blue in color. If you notice one for sale locally, contact the sheriff dept, or email the victims. (E-mail address available on request).


November 7th, Front Yard Items Stolen

From the 2800 block of Ione Street near Marconi on Saturday night, November 7th, a wooden hutch like decor as well as a three wheel metal/plant holder was stolen from the front porch. While it wasn’t worth a lot of money, I thought that I would pass it along to you.

November 12th, Various Items

Yesterday (Veterans Day Nov 11) a sheriff knocked at my door at 7:15am saying a jogger reported that a black man dressed as a jogger jumped my fence and they were here to look around my back yard. (3700 block of Duran Cir) They did not find anyone. But, if you live in the neighborhood and were jogging and reported the activity to the police, thank you so much!

But then this morning at 6:15 am my doorbell rang. By the time I got there, no one was there; there were wet foot prints on my front porch (looked like tennis shoes). The only thing I saw was a Housekeeping business card, don’t know if someone was dropping off the card and ringing my doorbell, or if someone was doorbell ditching. Either way, it’s weird. Within a few minutes I saw a man (looked to be white) walking in dark clothes and tennis shoes with a red hat on…don’t know if he was dropping off the housekeeping cards, or just walking, but he had tennis shoes on and that is what the shoe prints on my porch looked like.

This is the first time in 3 years of living here that I have had anything strange and it’s been twice in two days.

Did anyone else get an early morning doorbell ring, along with a business card?


Yes, I saw a Hispanic lady placing housekeeping cards on doors yesterday morning. (Alamitos)


Hello, something was also stolen from our front porch. We live on the 3900 block of Kings Way and someone stole our American Flag. The flag was put up by my husband and his combat brother who served in Iraq with him. It is irreplaceable. If you see anyone on our porch feel free to slap them then direct them to the nearest recruiting station in hopes they may learn respect for something greater than themselves.


We live on the 3900 block of Kings Way. Our RV is kept on a pad at the top of our driveway, next to our house. Thieves accessed our RV roof mounted solar panel, cut the wires, and stole the panel. This strikes me as particularly aggressive because it was done on an RV roof 10 feet high, in a well lit area, on a well traveled street.

I missed the neighborhood meeting that discussed the possibility of hiring a security patrol vehicle. We would certainly pay our share for this necessary safety precaution.


The RV roof solar panel was stolen from 3900 Block of Kings Way, and will cost over $1,000 to replace. If anyone has any information on its whereabouts, or the perpetrator , please let me know.




Remember to be vigilant and report things out of the ordinary. Thank you to the jogger who called in the man dressed in black! A police presence in the neighborhood is a very good thing, even briefly. Criminals will know we watch and call the police.