Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stolen Property/vehicle (vehicle recovered)

From Chuck:

Wednesday evening, a daughter of a neighbor on Alamitos was walking her mother to the door when someone jumped into her still running vehicle and drove off with it. The vehicle was recovered last night when law enforcement were trying to stop a different vehicle and this one stopped also, evidently thinking they were the reason for the red and blue lights. The subjects fled, (it is not known at this time if they were apprehended). However, the contents of the vehiclewere missing. A red purse, and wallet, and newly purchased make-up, Lancome Clinic, and Este Lauder. If you happen to come across any of these items, handle them with regard to trying to identify the criminals, and plese contact Chuck.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Follow up on Suspicious Vehicle

From our crime prevention specialist:

Good call everyone.

YRMD: 97
BTM : 4D

Registered owner lives in the area. Area has high number of people of interest. Vehicle has expired registration tags. Vehicle is most likely borrowed when driven as it does not come back to a male. This vehicle is one to keep an eye on. CHP can cite a vehicle when they observe it in motion with expired tags.

If you see the vehicle, please call the police.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Suspicious Silver Sedan

Multiple reports have come in on the car mentioned in the last post:

2500 block Catalina reports:

8:25 (not indicated AM or PM) a silver car with HUGE wheels ( you can't miss it) drove by my house on Catalina 2500 block very slow looking at my house. Not sure if he was scoping out the neighborhood but I found it very odd. Please keep an eye out on your property!

2800 block of Ione reports:

I see this car driving up and down Ione all the time. I just now saw it at Marconi and Eastern at 12:30. It looked like 2 black males in their 20's. The driver has long hair...maybe dread locks. Hope this helps.

Another 2800 block Ione reports:

Is this vehicle fairly newer model in good condition and sits up a little high? If so, I have seen it down Marconi with the music blasting and an African American male in it probably in his early 20's. I would see it when I was off work.

3800 block Kings Way reports:

Perhaps this is the license number you may be looking for: 6HKL642 Buick Sedan with a slightly darker or lighter color on the side of the vehicle.

I just happen to have saved the license in my phone, because my friend and I were walking over by Presentation School (Norris & Robertson) about a month ago and this particular vehicle had parked in front of the school with one individual in the passenger seat. Then we saw two others walking back from Silvercrest Street with a black trash bag heading for the car. We thought it was a bit suspicious, but kept walking a few seconds later we turned back to see them looking in my friend’s car parked across the street from them. We probably shouldn’t have but we ran back towards them asking them what they thought they were doing. They called us a few choice words then took off. I’ve since seen them turning off El Camino onto one of the streets that leads into Lasuen.

The driver of the vehicle is a tall African American with shoulder length braids.

Maryal Drive reports:

I have noticed the vehicle you mention in your email and in fact have seen it several times while on dog walks around DPM elementary school, and on Ione St., where the street ends in front of the school. As recently as last night (Mon. Oct. 18), just after 7 p.m., I noticed the vehicle going very slowly down Ione St. It then turned left from Ione onto Maryal, and proceeded around the corner of the front of the school. I believe it then turned left again on the continuing Ione St., headed toward Marconi. I assumed it was a new resident in the area; that's how often I've seen it in the area. Didn't really take notice of a driver or occupants; I'm thinking the windows may be slightly tinted (although I believe that's illegal in our state).

[Note--it is illegal to have even a slight tint on your front windows. My car was sold to me that way, and I had to have it removed after a fix-it ticket.]

The vehicle parks at, the Amber Grove Apartment complex, in the 4000 block of Marconi Avenue, (between town and country Lutheran church, and Arcade Baptist church). Considering the number of reports, and suspicious activities in these reports, I would suggest that if you observe this car "cruising" through your area, call the sheriff's non-emergency number, 874-5115 and press 0. This information has also been forwarded to Sherri Carhart, our new sheriff dept. crime prevention co-ordinator.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Be on the Lookout

From Chuck:

Keep your eyes open for a silver sedan with large rims/wheels, cruising through the neighborhood. If you see it, obtain any information about it and its occupants), and relay to me or (if you have everyone in your address book)the network.

Also, scavengers have been going throught the recycle cans. Last Friday on Duran Circle they left a mess on the street. As with the silver sedan, if you see them please get whatever descriptions) you can and call the sheriff. Apparently the county waste collection people are as interested in stopping this as are some of us.

If you e-mail the network, please use "DPM alert" in your messages to avoid any reluctance by the rest of the network to open pertinent emails. Thank you!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home Burglary, 2600 block of Catalina

In a period over the last week and a half, someone burglarized a home in the 2600 block of Catalina Drive.

It was discovered last Friday, upon the return of the resident. This apparently wasn't a "run of the mill" burglary. The criminals had time on their side and meticulously went through everything, rather than "ransacking" the house. Current information is that a computer, T.V., birth certificates, passports, and tax records were stolen.
It is important that if you leave for an extended period, you notify a trusted neighbor, and possibly supply a house key so that the neighbor can allow access to any emergency responder or to check your house if something seems out of the ordinary. A neighbor should also remove any fliers that are left on the door. You should have your mail held, and newspaper stopped during your absence. Put your lights in the house on timers, as well as the porch light and even a radio.

Stolen Motorcycle

A GSX (see photo) was stolen between 1:30 AM and 3:00 AM, on October 3rd, 2010 on the 3800 block of Kings Way.