Monday, December 27, 2010

Catalytic Converter Theft 2500 block of Cambon

If you have a Toyota pick-up, 4 runner, or similar design be aware, they're primary targets. Between the night of 12/23 and the morning of 12/27, a catalytic converter was stolen from a Toyota pickup on the 2500 block of Cambon.

A couple of years ago 9 were stolen in a small area of this neighborhood over a two week period. These were ones Chuck heard about before the network was started.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stolen Package, Scammer in Country Club parking lot

'TIS THE SEASON! Many packages are being delivered and many are being stolen. If you are expecting a package, leave instructions for the carrier (USPS, FedEx, UPS, or any other) with regard to what to do with the package. You may worry about the inconvenience you would have to go through to get your package if you are notified, but no one wants you to lose your package to a thief.

Bare (exposed) porches and small mailboxes leave few options

I want to report that we had a FedEx package stolen from our front door on Thursday afternoon between 3:20 and 4:15 pm. We were only gone a shot time. We live on 1900's block of Maryal Dr.

The empty box was recover from the park on Gila and St. Mark. I made an online report to sheriff web site. Just want to let others know what is going on.


Please be aware that there is a scammer in Country Club parking lot. He offers a 2 step clear coat on your car while you shop - with a 4 year guarantee. It is just oil that will wash off. The scam artists are out in full force this year. Be on guard!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Odd Solicitor

The below incident took place in the area of Maryal and St. Marks.

I had an odd contact with a door-to-door solicitor about 4 pm Thursday, (Dec 16). He knocked on the door and when I answered it, asked me, "Do you live here?"

I said, "Yes."

Then he said, "This is Thursday, isn't it?" I nodded, then he went into a spiel about a low-cost attorney legal plan. Told him I wasn't interested and closed the door. When he left, he didn't close the gate of the little fence out front, so I went out to close it and saw him walk around the corner, not visiting any other houses.

I just thought it was a little off. Description -- a middle aged, somewhat heavy set African American man in a rumpled beige sport jacket and wrinkled chinos carrying a briefcase.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vehicle Theft

During the night of 15-16 Dec:

From Andy: A Toyota pickup was stolen. The truck is a 1989 Toyota pickup standard cab. It is painted Flat (not glossy) Beige, with raised suspension and black wheels. It also has a very distinctive marking stenciled on the tailgate in black paint that reads 2 Wheel Drive. If anyone sees this truck please call the CHP Communications office at 861-1300. The license plate is 7X16481.

On Villa Vista, a Christmas decoration was stolen. It was a motorized see-saw, with Santa on one side and 3 reindeer on the other. It was stolen from the house that was awarded the "Rudolph" award by DPMHOA.

Please remember that if are a victim of a crime (no matter how small)to make a report with the Sheriff's Department.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Multiple Vehicle Burglaries - 3800 block Duran, and Loreto

Last night between 11 PM and 7 AM, four vehicles had their vehicle windows broken. One, on Duran Circle, had the rear hatch window broken and several thousand dollars worth of professional equipment was stolen. One vehicle on Loreto had the passenger window broken and the vehicle was ransacked. Another had the driver side and passenger side window broken, and the glove compartment rifled through. The fourth vehicle had the rear hatch window broken, but entry was not made. The vehicle with 2 windows broken had a garage door opener in the glove compartment which the owner believes was accidentally activated, and caused the thieves to leave the area. A dark, "newer" possibly Chevrolet truck was seen speeding away from the houses.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dog Poisoning Burglars

Forwarded by Chuck:

My Mom lives by Del Paso Country Club. She received this e-mail today from her neighbor:

“There are some people going around our area, poisoning
dogs, then break into the homes mid-day and robbing them.

Cory's dogs were poisoned two days ago, Cole died and Taffy is barely hanging on but
luckily someone was home and they did not get into his house. A home on
Carson Drive last week lost both their labs. The thieves broken in and stole all
their computers, cameras and other electronics. A total of three homes
have been hit so far in our area.”

This is just awful! I thought people should know in our neighborhood because it is happening right by us. Can you please send this out to everyone?

If I recall correctly, deliberately poisoning a dog is a misdemeanor on its own.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mail Theft

From Chuck:

Yesterday mail was stolen from a mailbox on the 3900 block of Loreto.
The suspects were two young girls in a white SUV. The theft was witnessed by a neighbor, and another neighbor saw this vehicle crusing around. If you happen to notice this vehicle and occupants please collect whatever info you can.

I [Chuck] will notify the post office that these thefts are occurring.

With identity theft rampant, it's an unfortunate reality that it may be time to replace your mailbox with one that locks to provide some slight barrier to thieves.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Car Burglaries, 2800 blocks of Ione and Barbarell

Last night, after 1AM, a vehicle was burglarized on Barbarel. The thieves broke a car window to gain entry and stole a camera and other items which were not in plain view. Another vehicle, 6 houses away on Ione St., was buglarized in a similar fashion and a briefcase was stolen.

It is of note that at one location there was very little lighting.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Auto Burglaries 2400 block of Catalina, Laverne St. and nearby neighborhoods

The Toyota PU reported stolen off Hazelwood was recovered in Carmichael.

Monday, November 8th:

This morning when I went to get in my car I noticed that my son had forgotten to lock his car last night - someone got into it during the night and tried to get his stereo out - they didn't succeed but did break it. Unfortunately this kind of thing happens alot around our area - of course he should have locked his car - and usually does - but to know that someone is walking around our neighborhood checking for unlocked cars really bothers me. Please let everyone know so they can be more vigilent - we live in the 2400 block of Catalina

Tuesday, November 9th:

I guess it was last night or early this morning when someone broke into my car (1999 Honda Accord)parked in my driveway ( La Verne Way ) and:

· broke the driver’s side front window and glass is all over the inside of the car pry marks are on the driver’s side door at the top and side

· stripped the inside panels off all four doors

· emptied the ashtray of my coins (about $3-5 worth)

· went through the glove compartment and the arm rest (front and back) checking for anything to steal

· removed the driver side front tire (fairly new) but left it laying on the ground (why?)

· I cannot get into the trunk to see what is or is not there.

· a lug wrench and its plastic pocket was laying on the ground (I think it might be from the trunk)

· a jack is hold up the front of my car – I assume it is my jack

· stole the battery (about two years old)

· took the caps off the engine block (why?) – could they have poured something down into the block?

· a rug mat was laying several feet away from the car; did they drop it?

· I cannot find the hood prop, but maybe I just didn’t see it I was so upset

Nearby neighborhood incidents, near Mira Loma High School:

Wednesday, November 10th

I received a call from a neighbor on Wood Pointe Circle telling me that his neighbor's Truck Camper Shell was broken into last weekend. He wanted me to let our neighbors know

Near Cowan Fundamental School:

Wednesday, November 10th

Last night a car window was smashed in on Eastwood, here are the details from their email:

I'm on the 3200 block of Eastwood (near the Regent end). This morning I realized that my driver's side window was smashed. I had been parked on the street. I don't think they took anything, but they did go through my change compartments.
I looked outside last night at around 4 am and it looked like my car windows were steamed up, but I didn't think anything of it at the time. I think I may have interrupted the guy, because he didn't take the $5 from my work vest or the can of pepper spray in my glove compartment.
I did file a report with the Sheriff's Office.

As a friendly reminder, please leave your porch lights on at night.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Stolen Vehicle

On Wednesday night, November 3, a vehicle was stolen from Hazelwood Avenue, (across Eastern Avenue).

If seen, please report to the CHP via 911.

A 1988 Toyota 4x4 truck was stolen from Hazelwood Ave. last night. Hazelwood intersects Eastern across from Annette. The owner thinks the thieves must have pushed the vehicle away from the house because it is fairly loud and would have probably woken someone up if it were started in front of the house in the middle of the night.

Here’s a description of the truck:

A white 1988 Toyota extended cab with a bobbed bed, black rims, black steel bumpers, lights in the wheel wells, with fmf and sunoco stickers. Lic # 8V48971.

Thanks again.

Fire Bombing

From Geoff:


On Halloween just after 7:00 pm, someone threw a Molotov Cocktail onto my property and started a small fire.

Witnesses saw the device being thrown from a blue sedan which then turned down Ione Street. The fire was contained to the utility boxes on the outside of my fence on the Eastern Avenue easement and was quickly extinguished by Metro Fire.

If you have any information about this event, please contact the Sacramento Sheriff's Department at 916-874-5115. Their report number is 10-213497SD.

This is the latest in a series of crimes on my property. If you haven't already, please look at and see if you have any information on these criminals.

Stolen Vehicle

1985 GMC Caballero was stolen Oct 28th between the hours of 1am-6pm on Alamitos Way.

1985 light blue Caballero (looks like an El Camino)
License plate: 12500DP
Handicapped Plates
Receiver hitch on back.

It is thought they used the wire from a political sign from the front lawn to jimmy-rig the door handle. This took place next door to the vehicle that was stolen and recovered last week. There might be a connection.

The below is a similar make and model, but not the actual vehicle.


Stolen Vehicle Recovered

Sorry for the bit of backlog. I've been on jury duty. From the past week:

October 29th:

I got my car back the found it in a dentist office on 9121 Folsom Blvd. near Watt.

They broke my steering column and stole my battery and they left a busted up phone booth in the back. I guess they needed a truck to transport their stolen property. They also stole the current registration.

I just found out that they stole my daughter's registration also when they stole her stereo out of her truck last Friday near Woodys in Country Club mall. I don't know why they would take the registrations unless they had the same make and model car? Thanks for your help.

Note: Identity thieves will steal registrations and other personal information from vehicles. It would be wise for your daughter to follow her credit report for the next year.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stolen Property/vehicle (vehicle recovered)

From Chuck:

Wednesday evening, a daughter of a neighbor on Alamitos was walking her mother to the door when someone jumped into her still running vehicle and drove off with it. The vehicle was recovered last night when law enforcement were trying to stop a different vehicle and this one stopped also, evidently thinking they were the reason for the red and blue lights. The subjects fled, (it is not known at this time if they were apprehended). However, the contents of the vehiclewere missing. A red purse, and wallet, and newly purchased make-up, Lancome Clinic, and Este Lauder. If you happen to come across any of these items, handle them with regard to trying to identify the criminals, and plese contact Chuck.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Follow up on Suspicious Vehicle

From our crime prevention specialist:

Good call everyone.

YRMD: 97
BTM : 4D

Registered owner lives in the area. Area has high number of people of interest. Vehicle has expired registration tags. Vehicle is most likely borrowed when driven as it does not come back to a male. This vehicle is one to keep an eye on. CHP can cite a vehicle when they observe it in motion with expired tags.

If you see the vehicle, please call the police.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Suspicious Silver Sedan

Multiple reports have come in on the car mentioned in the last post:

2500 block Catalina reports:

8:25 (not indicated AM or PM) a silver car with HUGE wheels ( you can't miss it) drove by my house on Catalina 2500 block very slow looking at my house. Not sure if he was scoping out the neighborhood but I found it very odd. Please keep an eye out on your property!

2800 block of Ione reports:

I see this car driving up and down Ione all the time. I just now saw it at Marconi and Eastern at 12:30. It looked like 2 black males in their 20's. The driver has long hair...maybe dread locks. Hope this helps.

Another 2800 block Ione reports:

Is this vehicle fairly newer model in good condition and sits up a little high? If so, I have seen it down Marconi with the music blasting and an African American male in it probably in his early 20's. I would see it when I was off work.

3800 block Kings Way reports:

Perhaps this is the license number you may be looking for: 6HKL642 Buick Sedan with a slightly darker or lighter color on the side of the vehicle.

I just happen to have saved the license in my phone, because my friend and I were walking over by Presentation School (Norris & Robertson) about a month ago and this particular vehicle had parked in front of the school with one individual in the passenger seat. Then we saw two others walking back from Silvercrest Street with a black trash bag heading for the car. We thought it was a bit suspicious, but kept walking a few seconds later we turned back to see them looking in my friend’s car parked across the street from them. We probably shouldn’t have but we ran back towards them asking them what they thought they were doing. They called us a few choice words then took off. I’ve since seen them turning off El Camino onto one of the streets that leads into Lasuen.

The driver of the vehicle is a tall African American with shoulder length braids.

Maryal Drive reports:

I have noticed the vehicle you mention in your email and in fact have seen it several times while on dog walks around DPM elementary school, and on Ione St., where the street ends in front of the school. As recently as last night (Mon. Oct. 18), just after 7 p.m., I noticed the vehicle going very slowly down Ione St. It then turned left from Ione onto Maryal, and proceeded around the corner of the front of the school. I believe it then turned left again on the continuing Ione St., headed toward Marconi. I assumed it was a new resident in the area; that's how often I've seen it in the area. Didn't really take notice of a driver or occupants; I'm thinking the windows may be slightly tinted (although I believe that's illegal in our state).

[Note--it is illegal to have even a slight tint on your front windows. My car was sold to me that way, and I had to have it removed after a fix-it ticket.]

The vehicle parks at, the Amber Grove Apartment complex, in the 4000 block of Marconi Avenue, (between town and country Lutheran church, and Arcade Baptist church). Considering the number of reports, and suspicious activities in these reports, I would suggest that if you observe this car "cruising" through your area, call the sheriff's non-emergency number, 874-5115 and press 0. This information has also been forwarded to Sherri Carhart, our new sheriff dept. crime prevention co-ordinator.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Be on the Lookout

From Chuck:

Keep your eyes open for a silver sedan with large rims/wheels, cruising through the neighborhood. If you see it, obtain any information about it and its occupants), and relay to me or (if you have everyone in your address book)the network.

Also, scavengers have been going throught the recycle cans. Last Friday on Duran Circle they left a mess on the street. As with the silver sedan, if you see them please get whatever descriptions) you can and call the sheriff. Apparently the county waste collection people are as interested in stopping this as are some of us.

If you e-mail the network, please use "DPM alert" in your messages to avoid any reluctance by the rest of the network to open pertinent emails. Thank you!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home Burglary, 2600 block of Catalina

In a period over the last week and a half, someone burglarized a home in the 2600 block of Catalina Drive.

It was discovered last Friday, upon the return of the resident. This apparently wasn't a "run of the mill" burglary. The criminals had time on their side and meticulously went through everything, rather than "ransacking" the house. Current information is that a computer, T.V., birth certificates, passports, and tax records were stolen.
It is important that if you leave for an extended period, you notify a trusted neighbor, and possibly supply a house key so that the neighbor can allow access to any emergency responder or to check your house if something seems out of the ordinary. A neighbor should also remove any fliers that are left on the door. You should have your mail held, and newspaper stopped during your absence. Put your lights in the house on timers, as well as the porch light and even a radio.

Stolen Motorcycle

A GSX (see photo) was stolen between 1:30 AM and 3:00 AM, on October 3rd, 2010 on the 3800 block of Kings Way.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RV Battery Theft

We live on Carrisa Way. Just an FYI to neighbors and the network that on 9/21 between 5am and 4 pm someone stole the battery from our RV which is parked in our driveway. Just a shame! We have been vigilant about locking things up but didn't think to lock up the box that the battery sits in. We have had a trailer, boat or tent trailer for many years and this is the first time this has happened. A sign of the times I guess! I did submit on on-line report to the Sheriff's dept.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Truck Break-In

From Geoff:

Here’s what happened with my truck (2000 block of Ione): The thief had previously threatened on my website to come back and break into my truck. He made good on that threat last night.

At 12:40 am, a car turned onto Ione from northbound Eastern, made a u-turn and pulled up (lights out) next to my truck, which was parked on the street in front of my house.

He (or they) then climbed in the bed of the truck, broke out the rear center window of the cab and climbed in. He spent over 10 minutes destroying my dash to steal my stereo. He or they drove off at 12:50, only to return a few minutes later and park next to my truck again, this time leaving his headlights on but only staying for 3 minutes. He never got my stereo out of the truck. He got the unit out of the dash, but apparently couldn’t get the cables free. The only thing that I’m sure was taken was a silver Sony DSC-T1 digital camera (which doesn’t work).

Note that Geoff runs the site and that this break in is surely in retaliation for his work. Something is very wrong when criminals brazenly victimize lawful citizens trying to take back their neighorbhood.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Second site

This one's dedicated to a specific thief, or set of thieves.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Theft Ring this Weekend

From Geoff:

A tipster on my site has leaked that a group of students from Rio American HS are planning on commiting thefts in our area this weekend. One of them has been identified by several people as the person in my security video.

I'm currently traveling on the east coast, but I'll alert my fiancee to make sure everything is locked up tight. Perhaps an email to the DPM group would be prudent?

Still no response from the Sheriff's Department.

Neighbors, please keep a sharp eye out for anything unusual.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Scam and Home Invasion 12 Incidents in the North Area

From Cindy, the North Division's crime prevention specialist:

I would like to take a moment to inform you of a recent scam that is occurring in the North Division. To date there have been at least 12 reported incidents and I suspect there may be additional victims that have not reported it. If you or anybody you know have been approached or victimized by these suspects please don’t hesitate to contact the Sheriff’s Department at 916-874-5115.

I have attached a flyer that explains the suspects’ method of this scam. Please take the time to review it and share it with your friends, family and neighbors that reside in the community.

I would like to remind everybody to always be aware and remember the following:

* Use deadbolts and keep exterior doors locked at all times, even when you
are at home
* NEVER let stranger in your home under any circumstances
* Avoid keeping large amounts of cash in your home unprotected
* Be aware of people and vehicles in your neighborhood and around your home
* Be wary of strangers; trust your instincts
* Be skeptical of any proposal that sounds to good to be true
* Acknowledge strangers at your door while keeping the door closed and locked
* Get to know your neighbors and keep their phone numbers handy for emergencies
* Be especially skeptical of:

o Get rich quick schemes
o Requests to exchange money or make change
o Offers to make or help you with home repairs
o Door-to-door schemes
o Requests to use your phone or restroom

If you believe you have been victim of fraud or been scammed call the Sheriff’s Department immediately. You may be embarrassed because you were tricked but your information is vital in catching these con artists and preventing others from being victimized

The flyer:


Between May 13 and July 2, 2010 there have 12 reported incidents of scams that are all very similar and have resulted in theft and residential burglary.

The general perimeter where these crimes have occurred is Whitney Avenue to Greenback Lane and Watt Avenue to San Juan Avenue.

The common themes for these incidents are as follows:

One to four suspects contact an elderly person at their residence; discuss a broken or damaged fence, a broken buried water pipe, or trees that require trimming. Thus far, the age of the victims has ranged from 73 to 96. The suspect will offer the victim a folded $100 bill in exchange for $50 for the repair or labor cost (the $100 bill has not been passed) and eventually a seen or unseen suspect enters the victim’s home and steals money. The most recent event involved the theft of firearms, jewelry, and a jewelry box.

A suspect has returned to a victim’s home wherein he posed as an undercover officer investigating the previous crime and subsequently stole money from within the residence. In a separate incident a suspect returned shortly after the crime scene investigator concluded their investigation. The suspect forcibly entered the home, shoved the elderly victim and her mentally disabled daughter before he stole their money.

If you are approached at your home in this manner, please call 911 as soon as possible.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Daylight Burglary on the 2800 Block of Becerra Way

Kim writes:

I am on Becerra Way - was broken into on July 16, between 7 am and 4:30 pm. They broke down two doors and took a black duffle bag, digital camera, ipod, a took box with tools, jewelry and two little wooden bar stools (weird). I guess I will be installing an alarm.

Remember to watch for suspicious activity in your area.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Need Gas" con--potential for home invasion

From Lynn on July 5th:

At about 1:00 PM today (July 5), I had my front door open (and locked) on the Eastern side of Duran Circle, when a nice Gold Metallic medium sized truck pulled up in front and began honking his horn to get me to come outside. A man approximately in his 40s was waving "hi" at me like he was an old friend and had a light-brown complexed woman with blond hair with him. He wanted to know if my husband was home, and when he would be back (I'm widowed). He then began telling me he was the grandson of "Rose" down the street (and pointed to the house where an senior male adult does reside with his wife) and that her husband had a respiratory attack last night, had to be taken to Davis Hospital, and then was transferred to Santa Rosa. He wanted gas money to get to Santa Rosa. He was telling me Santa Rosa had special equipment he needed that Davis didn't have. When I refused him, he had that was alright, and pointed down to Larry's house, and said "Paul" would help him out. I called Larry, and said there weren't any "Paul"s around his house or a Gold Metallic truck outside.

Please pass this to the neighborhood Alert list - BOLO! Larry suggested I contact you to put out an alert.

Lynn, another incident, of the same type (ish) occured on Villa Vista. on Tuesday, July 6th. The vehicle was a smaller red pickup and was occupied by a short stocky male with black hair and mustache, and in his 40's. In both cases the individuals tried to convince the intended victims that they knew someone local and requested a favor or assistance.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Skunk abroad during daylight hours

Sunday morning around 11:00 AM, neighbors reported a skunk acting out of character on the 2500 block of Catalina. Skunks are nocturnal, but this one was abroad in the morning, walking in circles and seemed disoriented. Sac county animal control was called, but they were closed. Sac city animal control was called, and they provided a phone number to county animal control, but that was closed. An undisclosed person was called and took care of the problem. A disoriented skunk about during the day may have rabies. While this one may have been sick, elderly or injured, it is a good reminder to be careful in similar situations.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Battery Charger Taken

From Stephani:

Hi Neighbors,

My husband was working on the RV access side of our yard on the 2800 block of Avalon and mistakenly left out a quality battery charger. He realized this within 10 minutes but it was already gone. If you or a neighbor picked up this item could you please return it (if you have the battery charger, naturally you know where you picked it up, but if you've forgotten e-mail an administrator and we'll prompt your memory--it's the same house where the fence was vandalized). We understand that some people leave items (treasures) for others to take as needed but this was not one of those times. Please feel free to leave on our porch, we would be so grateful.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Scam at Rite Aid

From Chuck:

I visited the Rite Aid, once yesterday and again today. On both occasions, I was approached by a black male in his late teens/early twenties, (each time it was a different person, but the same basic description). The first time the individual said he was raising money for an Elk Grove basketball team, and showed me a piece of folded paper with a name and number on it. The name was Patricia, and the number was ***-**** (Patricia probably doesn't need her number openly published). I told the individual I would give Patricia a call, and walked into the store. Patricia, who answered the phone told me that it was a scam, and to call the police. I informed an employee, and she went outside but the individual had left. I also called the sheriff, but they said that if he was gone, there was nothing they could do. Today when I encountered the different individual, I told him that he should leave before I called the sheriff, which he did. The piece of paper had 6-7 names and phone numbers, apparently from people who have already "contributed."

Be aware and do not fall for this.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Arson (Marilona / Maryal)

Some time during the night of 3-4 of June, someone set fire to one of the "doggy poop bag" stations located near Del Paso Manor elementary school. This is the second such incident in the past several months. If anyone has information please contact the Sheriff's Department.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Suspicious Solicitor, Vandalism

Sunday after dark, (May 23) while I was getting my kids to bed (8:45ish), a young man came to our door and knocked several times loudly until I answered (scaring my son). He said he was collecting money for his youth basketball team and only needed ten more dollars and if I donated I would get an authentic Kings jersey in the mail within 3 days. Of course I declined but I think it's good to remind our neighbors that pretty much no legitimate youth organizations send young people out to solicit door-to-door. I estimate that we get one of these guys or girls every couple of months or so.


Sunday evening teenage neighbor across the street came by and asked if we saw anyone spraypaint the back window of their car. We were in the backyard most of the day and didn’t witness anything.

Yesterday, I was walking to the school (11am) and noticed two spraypainted messages on our fence (facing Marilona, intersecting Avalon). I did report to Sac Sheriff online and thought I’d let neighbors know of this suspicious activity. If anyone saw anything, please let myself or the Sheriff’s office know.

Sheriff candidates address community concerns on Thursday may 27 at 7pm, and the Arcade church, 3927 Marconi Ave.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pedophile wanted by Sheriff's Department

Benjamin Kendrick as profiled last night on several local news stations. He is 39 yrs old, 160 lbs. and has been communicating with a 7 yr old brazilian girl's consenting mother. He lived in a rental house near Morse Avenue and Hurley Way. He quit a job with Ace Hardware on Keifer Road in Rosemont.

Call 911 if you see him.


Update: The pedophile was arrested on May 13th.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


A burglary was committed in the 2800 block of Avalon while residents were away on Sunday night or early Monday morning. (9th or 10th of May). This was discovered by a neighbor, (after the fact), watching the over the house. The burglars apparently broke the window of the back door which had bars on it, and were able reach inside and unlock the door. The house was ransacked, but apparently nothing was taken. Sheriff's deputies think they were looking for small, "packable" items to steal, which were not on the premises. Deputies also believe that the burglars did not have a vehicle. A report was filed.

There was an attempted vehicle burglary on the 2500 block of Butano, at approximately 2AM, Monday morning. The crooks tried to pry the door open, apparently in an attempt to activate the electric door locks, but the alarm sounded. The resident did not see anyone, and did not notice the damage to his vehicle until later in the morning.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Robbery at gunpoint near DPM

From Jim:

My son and his friend were walking to store May 5th around 11:00 PM walked past DPM school and 2 black men approached them on Avalon drive asked if they had a phone. The boys said no. Next thing the man pulled a gun out and put it to his head. They searched the boys and took 2 phones an iPod and 20 dollars and ran away toward El Camino. The boys were very upset. We called the Sheriff and made a report.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Theft at a Church

This is a bit outside our immediate neighborhood, but might be good notice for small business owners or neighborhood houses of worship.

This past week the coils for all the air conditioning units were stolen from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at the corner of Mission Avenue and Whitney Avenue. The thieves may make $200 and the coils will probably cost $1,500 or so to replace. That's if the thieves can sell the metal, of course--scrap yards require driver's license and name for things like this, so the Sheriff's department may have little trouble tracking them down if they do.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Suspicious Activity, possible casing of a home

Two weeks ago, Mr. Smith, who lives on Villa Vista Way, related that he had an encounter with two men and a young boy. One of the men (self-described as "Italian"), said that he knew Mr. Smith's daughter, and that he had done some roof repairs for Mr. Smith. During the conversation, the boy said that he needed to go to the bathroom. Mr. Smith allowed the trio into his house, (he realized his mistake later), and although nothing occurred, the trio acted suspiciously.

Today Mr. Smith related that yesterday he encountered the same person and vehicle near the intersection of Morse and Alta Arden where the man indicated that Mr. Smith had a problem with his rear tire. Mr. Smith pulled over, and the man said that he could fix the problem for $40. Mr. Smith said that he would call AAA. It was determined later that there was no problem with the tire. At approximately 12 PM Wednesday (as related by mr smith), the same person(s), and boy showed up at Mr. Smith's house, knocked on the door, and said that their cat had jumped over Mr. Smith's fence, and asked to go into the backyard. Mr. Smith told them no, and the people got into their vehicle and drove off. Mr. Smith feels that he is being targeted for a possible theft, or other scam.

The description Mr. Smith gave is vague, and he is asking for anyone that spots a similar looking vehicle with similar occupants to please record the license plate number.

The vehicle is a dark black or blue SUV type with a luggage rack on top. The vehicle is smaller in size than a Jeep Cherokee.

The occupants are one Hispanic male adult, one "Italian" male adult, and a small boy.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Helping out an adjoining neighborhood

This report comes from a nearby neighborhood. If you have information on the vehicle, please forward it to Chuck at

This incident seems to have taken place early in the morning on April 2nd.

We live on De Costa Ave Which is by Presentation Church on the other side of Marconi. Early Friday morning probably about 2 AM, a white SUV (the neighbor thought it might be a Chevy Tahoe, but it was dark and wasn't 100% sure) drove down De Costa from Eastern and failed to make the bend in the road. It went into the neighbor's yard just missing her olive tree and turned left and into the side of our garage. It was going fast enough to not only punch a hole in the wall but push the motorcycle into my car and that into Bob's car. It then was able to back out, running into the back side of the olive tree taking off bark and limb, turned and angled toward the street after clipping the corner of the garage knocking all the bricks off the face. It then left the scene, turned right onto SilverCrest and we believe left onto Norris heading towards Marconi.

It left behind a side mirror, broken tail light pieces, and a casing that goes around the headlights. The front end has to be squashed and the back driver side corner probably as well and the back window is probably broken. The police took a report.

We don't have much else to go on other than we think it is probably someone who lives within the area.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Homicide on Watt Avenue

From Cindy with the Sacramento Sheriff's department:

I have had some inquiries regarding the homicide at Country Club Lanes….Please see below for information that we are able to release as it is an open, active investigation.

March 28, 2010

Homicide on Watt Avenue

On March 28, 2010, at 4:04 AM, Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a shooting call at the Country Club Lanes bowling alley which is located at 2600 Watt Avenue . Deputies arrived and found a 19-year-old male victim lying in the parking lot and suffering from a gunshot wound to his head. Paramedics arrived a short time later and pronounced the victim dead at the scene.

Sheriff’s Homicide detectives were told by patrons inside the bowling alley they heard multiple gunshots and went outside to find the victim. Detectives have not identified any witness to the actual shooting and have no description of the suspect(s). A motive for the murder has not been established. It’s unknown if the victim was the intended target or accidentally struck by the gunfire.

Anyone with information regarding this murder is urged to call Sheriff’s Homicide detectives at (916) 874-5057, or Crime Alert at (916) 443-HELP; or send a text message tip by texting to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter SACTIP followed by the tip information. Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Attempted Car Theft

From Kristin (2500 blook of Butano):

[Friday night] I went to bed around 12am... and was awoken just before 5am to a neighbor's car alarm that sounded like mine (based on the direction of sound, I knew it wasn't mine) - I decided to get up & investigate anyhow Lo an behold my 2004 VW Jetta was half way out in the street (No longer in the drive way) and my inside dome light was on.

Obviously, not where I had left it a few hours before! My ignition was intact but my key now sticks when I remove it... the stick (clutch) was not in the gear, that I always leave my car in. Nor was the parking brake on, like it always is... Needless to say, someone had attempted to take my car. When I started my car, the "display"/notification lights came on informing me that a Non-Compliant key had been used. (There's a computer chip in every VW Key, specific to the car.) Basically, they tried using a VW key & popping the clutch.

There was nothing of value in the car, other than $4 which was gone. I didn't bother filing a sheriff's report; but wanted to alert everyone as to the latest event. Not sure why my car was picked as I don't think VW's have made their way up the theft list, but I could be wrong?!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Car Burglary at Country Club Plaza

From Jackie:

Today (Sunday, March 14), sometime a little after 5:00 p.m., I had just parked in the parking lot of the Country Club Plaza Shopping Center, in the parking area in front of La Bou, when I met a woman who had just discovered that her Hummer had been broken into. The thief stole her GPS and some other things. Don't know when the theft took place, but it was still plenty of light out when I happened to meet her.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Suspicious Man at another door

From Blaine:

I just wanted to pass along an incident that happened and ask if you would forward it to the network. On Saturday, March 6, 2010 at around 8:00pm, my wife was at home alone with no lights on visible from the street. There were also no cars in our driveway. Someone rang our bell and knocked on the door, and my wife did not open it, but asked through the door who it was. A man answered that he was with the "voting polls" and said "open the door." She refused and he apparently left. She did not see any car or other person around, but it worried her. She described him as a "tall, Caucasian man." I would like to make sure people are aware that they should be extra careful, especially with the census occurring this year. Thanks.

Andrew Commentary

"Voting polls" doesn't sound like a valid ID, but even if it were, opening the door at night seems like a bad idea. Anyone who tells you to open the door should probably be ignored and perhaps police called.

Scavengers Again

From Curt on Friday, March 5th:

There was a full size white pickup, CA license 6G02074, cruising slowly through the neighborhood at around 6:30 am Friday March 5th. There are half a dozen plastic garbage cans in the bed. It is recycling day, so they are probably just scavengers. Last seen stopped in the road, westbound, in the 3900 block of Lasuen. There were two occupants, but they would not get out of the cab while I was nearby.

From Lynn on March 6th:

This has been going for several months now. If you ask them to go away, they do. I have seen them appoach homeowners for larger items they see them in the front yard with a "sale", or similar sign. to haul off, if sellable or reuseable. However, they didn't have trash cans in the truckbed when I've seen them, so it could be a different group.

Andrew Commentary:

Please remember, these people may be using scavenging as a cover to get into your garbage cans for identity documents. They may be looking for houses that appear to be empty or unguarded. Even if they're just taking recycling, that decreased county revenue, which will make your rates go up in time.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tires Slashed

Kelly reported on Tuesday, February 23:

Sometime between 10:00 PM last night and 6:00 AM this morning all four of my tires were slashed in my driveway (3900 block of Kings Way). I have absolutely no idea who would have done something like that so I believe it was a random act. Just wanted to let people know to beware.

Chuck also noticed driving home on Wednesday the 24th that a car on the 3700 block of Kings Way had had a front tire slashed.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Squatters (natural gas danger)

From Chuck:

February 19th at approximately 2 PM while in the 2800 block of Avalon, I noticed an odor of exhaust from natural gas from 2825 Avalon (a house that has been vacant for at least 6 weeks). I looked at the roof line, and noticed heat waves coming from a roof jack, over the garage area. I detemined that it was an exhaust vent for the water heater. I talked to the neighbor across the street, and he said that he hadn't seen anyone at the house. (Due to the recent incident(s), of house explosions, caused by natural gas leaks, the Sheriff's department was called. The garage door was not locked. No information on whether the Sheriff's department responded or not.

If you are in the proximity of a vacant house, please be aware of transients using it. If necessary, call PG&E and SMUD, to completely disconnect the services to the address to make it less desirable to squatters and less dangerous for neighboring houses.


Last Friday, February 12th, at approximately 9:15 AM, two males jumped over the fence from the Kensington Apartments into the back yard at 2585 Butano. The resident of the property's dog was alerted by the noise the men had made and the resident let the dog loose. the Two jumped back over the fence. No further information is available.

The Kensington Apartments have a new owner, and are in the midst of repairing the place. The manager, leasing staff and maintenance crew all seem to be professional and easily identified. They are trying to screen new residents more thoroughly, and have been recently added to our network.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Prowler in a Backyard

Last weekend, late at night, a prowler jumped a fence on the 2500 block of Butano. The resident was alerted by the flashlight the person was using, and yelled at the person, who jumped over the back fence, to the Andrade side, and fled. No other information available.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Suspicious "Sales Persons"

It was reported today that there was a teal green Jeep Cherokee with Idaho plates driving around the neighborhood. The occupants were one white female with brown, shoulder length, wavy hair, in her 20's, and two white male adults. When they saw a resident outside their home they would stop and ask them if they could demonstrate a vacuum cleaner. The Sheriff's department was called, but a license plate was not available. If you see this vehicle in the neighborhood please advise the Sheriff's department, and if you can get the plate, let the network know.

Additional information from Candace: 1AUR274 is the license plate. They stopped at my neighbor's house and I thought they looked suspicious and wrote the plate number down. The girl was definitely light skinned but looked to me like she could be Hispanic. I didn’t get a detailed look at the two males, but they were white and early to mid 20’s. The girl was also early to mid 20's.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Car Stolen on Duran Circle

From Ann: Last night, sometime between midnight and 5:00 A.M., our white Honda Civic was stolen from our driveway.

Our garage doors are broken and we are unable to fix them at this time due to my cancer and having to be off work, so we are parking the cars in the driveway. They did not take my SUV, so like somebody else reported, they are looking for Hondas specifically.

This happened on Duran. I would urge everybody to protect your cars, especially if you have a Honda! We meant to buy a club but never got around to it.

Update: The vehicle is a white Honda Civic CA, license plate number 4NGR840. If you see it, please contact the police.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Theft off Front Porch

One January 21st 2010, a UPS package was stolen from the front porch of a home on the 2800's block of Ione, near Marconi Avenue. UPS said they delivered the package at 2:56pm, the resident got home at 4:00pm and the package was not there. The UPS driver came back and said he placed the package in plain sight, right in front on the front door facing Ione street.

If you see a set of these headphones they are stolen, they are custom and have only been out for less then two weeks. They are Astro A40's and are meant for gaming, but someone may be walking past your house wearing them with a Mp3 player or Walkman. They have different color covers that came with the package and may be used

Also, two unopened syringes were found on Marilona near Lyle. Caution your children about these, as this in close proximity to DPM Elementary.

Photographs of the earphones:



Photographs of the syringes:



Friday, January 22, 2010

Recycling Scavengers again

This morning as I left for work I opened my garbage can to find bags torn open and sorted through. On Watson Street I saw two men loading recycling into a red station wagon, then going on to loot more cans. I drove up to them and let them know we didn't permit that, they weren't allowed to loot here or tear open people's garbage bags and that they needed to leave, as police would be called.

As I got my phone ready to call, I saw two Sheriff's vehicles. I pulled up to the first and let the Deputy know what was going on. She asked if they were two women. I explained they were two men on Watson Street. She said she was investigating a call about two women doing the same thing, and then she proceeded down to where I reported the men. I don't know if they stayed in the area long enough to be caught, but the Sheriff's vehicle was on Watson according to reports from neighbors very shortly after I spoke with the Deputy.

I suspect we'll see an e-mail later in the day about the incident.

Some of our neighbors have expressed some discomfort reporting these people. Please remember, we've had more severe incidents with just such looters. They affect your property values and looting of recyclables will reduce county revenue from the program and eventualy result in higher rates for all of us. Also, if anyone watching sees a quick police response as they did today, people are less likely to feel safe committing more severe crimes in our neighborhood. Thanks to whomever called the Sheriff's Department first, and thank you for your vigilance.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gas Theft

Friday morning (January 15, 2010) between approximately 1:15 and 2:30 AM, someone siphoned off about 10 gallons of gasoline from a van parked in front of a house on the 3800 block of Kings Way. this is the second report of such a nature.