Saturday, June 14, 2014

Daytime Home Burglary 07-12-2014 9AM (2800 Block La Paz Way)

One suspect (Tall, thin, African American, late twenties dressed in white shirt, levis, white shoes) came to the neighborhood going door to door.  One lady had answered her door and the guy said he was a vacuum salesman.  He walked by a few more houses knocking, but skipped houses with cars in the driveway and when there was no answer on one went into the backyard.  Even though there was a dog present the suspect gained access through a window where he then opened the front door for another individual.  The car that was used was a Plum colored sedan with tinted windows.  Sacramento Sheriff officers arrived within minutes after the suspects left.

(Thank you to the concerned neighbor for sending this in, sorry for the delay in posting--I was out of town and it wouldn't post from my phone.)