Saturday, August 22, 2015

Burglary, Attempted Burglary

Monday, August 17, 2015:

2500 block of Butano 

A house was broken into today (8/17) sometime between 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM. The front door was kicked in. . As most of you know, this is a very busy street, and this break in occurred in the middle of the day. Very brazen. What a sad state of affairs.

3900 block of Kings way

Today at about  4:30 I heard my doorbell ring, (I was in the garage) so I came in to answer door thinking it was [my spouse] home from work. As I was nearing the front door I heard the door knob "wiggling", again thinking it was my [spouse], so I opened the door to find a young man 18 to 21 yrs. old I would guess. He appeared to have been looking in the window by the front door. When I opened the door he took a couple of steps back and said "Oh I was just dropping this paper off to you."

It was an ad type of paper put out by the Sac Bee and wrapped in pink cellophane. He did not have any other papers that he was carrying, or a bag with more papers to hand out. He handed the paper to me, quickly turned and walked away heading west down Kings Way. His car was black and was parked in front of [a neighbor's] house. He got in the drivers door and quickly drove off continuing west on Kings Way.  

His description: Black male, 5'9" to 6'1", wearing white T shirt and Tan shorts. I could not see his license plate, nor do I know the make of the car.  Sorry. I guess I need to keep my phone on me at all times for photo opportunities. Unfortunately not a lot of detail, but I thought the neighborhood should be aware.
I called the Sheriffs non emergency # at 4:41PM to report. They said they would send a patrol. A few minutes later I saw a Sheriffs  SUV K-9 unit go by my house.

[Editor's note:  Never be sorry for not having all the information.  Any report is better than no report so we know it happened, and your safety is far more important than getting a license plate, make or model.  Thanks for what you caught, and we're glad you're safe.]

A similar note from the Sacramento Bee:

In the past two weeks, the Sacramento Police Department has received two reports of suspects claiming to be utility employees. Police say the impersonators knock on front doors and tell the occupants that they need access to the home to inspect gas lines....
Police caution residents to never allow anyone inside their home or yard without proper identification, noting that city and utility workers are always identified by department-issued badges. Just because someone is wearing a hard hat or utility vest does not mean the individual is a city or utility worker.

Addressing a Comment

This blog does require moderation for comments.  We had several really good ones that have now been published.  

We had one that needed addressing.  The blog is for reporting so people are aware of what's going on.  It's not for debate, accusations or vitriol.  The comment left me with a great desire to respond, but that's not what this blog is for.

So, what I will say to readers is that the comment left the impression that an angry parent of one of the criminals reported here felt it was the community's attitude that caused their child's criminal behavior rather than poor parenting choices.  

As a parent myself, I would hope if you see any child in my care committing a criminal act, you'd call it into the police and notify the neighborhood watch.  I have a sibling who was coddled, protected and excused.  While I sympathize with my parents' hard choices, the result was a felony conviction.  He's doing much better after the time in prison, but I would suggest that curbing behavior early is a far more effective strategy than defending the criminal actions of a child.

So, to the reader who left the comment, please, if you're aware of a crime committed report it for your child's sake and for the community's sake.  You'll notice that we treat all of our neighbors who aren't committing crimes with respect, kindness and friendliness.  It's a great community.  We'd just like to keep it that way, and we need your help to do it.

Older Items

My apologies for being focused elsewhere for a while.  I'm going to post some older items and then proceed to a newer burglary.

Directly from Chuck, June 29, 2015:

there have been several crimes, that occurred in the neighborhood. 
the morning after I posted the last alert, a resident in the 3800 block of kings way, sometime between, 9, and 11 am, had their house burglarized. the crook, entered thru, an unlocked gate, (and out of the view of any "people walking by"), was able to gain access to the house through the sliding glass door. items stolen, were "electronics, and (I think jewelry)", three days later, at   the "vacant" house, next door, an "alert" parent, noticed some suspicious activity, (while chaperoning a field trip for DPM students), the sheriff dept, was called, and responded. (unknown, is the result... but the "suspicious persons, (male, and female), were seen earlier, at the house, at 2612 butano)
5 weeks ago, a house, on barbarell, had to bicycles, stolen, from the side of their house. the bicycles, were "avenger" "hybrid" bicycles, and were outside, their fence, near, the garbage cans.... (this happened, on a "recycling" pick-up night)

on mother's day weekend, a resident, had his truck "burglarized", at around 530am... the owner, heard the theft, and went outside, where a neighbor, assisted, in distracting the "victim", while he recovered his tools... the thief, drove a vehicle, similar, to the one, in picture #1... same body style, and blue color, but it had a "white stripe", running thru the center of the truck, (not on the lower end, like this one),, no license info, was collected.

this couple, (homeless).. recorded in this video,   have been observed, "casing" houses, and also, taking notes".. they traverse thru the neighborhood, with recyclables, towards the el camino/watt, recycling center.  IF THEY ARE JUST MOVING THRU THE NEIGHBORHOOD, WITH "RECYCLABLES", THIS IS NOT A CRIME, BUT IF YOU "OBSERVE" THEM,LOOKING INTO HOUSES, AND TAKING NOTES!, (GET A DESCRIPTION OF THE NOTEBOOK, (SIZE, COLOR OF THE COVER, ETC), CALL THE SHERIFF, DEPT, WITH THIS INFO. THIS CAN BE "POSSIBLY" PROSECUTED, AS CONSPIRACY"!  pictures 2, 3, and 4, are of this couple, and their are other associates)

(btw, they haven't been seen since photographed, a little over a week ago.)

the next picture, is of a person, wanted by the California dept of Corrections, (parole div)
this person, Aaron Stassi, used to live in the 2800 block of Ione st, and is suspected of burglary, in the DPM area... (and obviously, "parole violation)... if you see him
contact ron, dunne, at 916-267-0091

and another recent development, where a small red Nissan P/U, with an "a's" logo, in the passenger side, rear window, has been seen in different parts of the neighborhood, the sheriff, was called, and had contact, with this individual, near, Marconi ave, and la paz, but was seen several days later, parked, in the 2600 block, of Andrade, and the individual, apparently has contact, with, the 2612 butano house

Directly from Chuck, May 29, 2015:

I finally have talked to all the reported victims, and have compiled the below information;
several vehicle breakin's have occurred in the last several weeks, on the sat/sun leading into mother's day, a window smash happened on on la paz, where the thief, took what was visible, and randsacked the glove box, (never opening the door), and stole a bag containing "sensitive" documnets, (that were to be shredded). in a similar incident, on duran cir, (around the corner), a neighbor had their window smashed and a backpack stolen. the suspect, apparently crossed the street, and was caught on camera, looking into the window, of a car, (nothing was stolen, apparently nothing was visible in the vehicle).
and another vehicle, (that was unlocked), had the interior "ransacked", but nothing reportedly stolen. and the second picture, is of the same, or similarly dressed person, looking into the window of a vehicle on Lapaz.
On lasuen, (3900 block), the same night, a neighbor's vehicle, (parked on the street), had it's window smashed.. but nothing  reportedly was missing.
at around 130 am, on the 17th, another vehicle burglary, occurred in the 3800 block of lasuen, where a backpack, purse, tripod, and other things were stolen. a "wing window", was broken, and the thief, opened all doors, and the trunk.
On, the same night, at the corner of lasuen, and kings way, a neighbor had his rear passenger, cargo window smashed, and a subwoofer stolen... (no doors were opened, and a towel was left, draped over the opening), this occurred around 330am, and the neighbor reported that an older toyota tercel, (possibly grey in color), left the area.
the method of operation on all, but the 3900 lasuen, appear to be the same person, or persons, as they seem to avoid setting off "entry" alarms.