Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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This is just a housekeeping note.  I'll keep updating the blog, but it looks like the gentleman who handles the updates via e-mail also has a facebook page, and incidents may be  posted there quickly than they're e-mailed out.  If you'd like to get updates that way, visit:


Monday, October 14, 2013

Attempted Burglaries, Suspicious Activity, Auto Theft

Bump key used in an attempted burglary
Oct 10 attempted burglary 2700 block of Watson (from the resident)
The residents returned home to find a  strange key in the front door lock.  The sheriff was called, and stated that some burglars use this skeleton key (also called a bump key because of its method of use), by hammering it into the lock.  The sheriff also stated that they hadn't seen this used in a while and removed and took the key.  No entry was made.

Suspicious vehicle 
Oct 7 suspicious vehicle/activity  Kings way/Duran Cir/Butano Dr
A resident on Kings Way was awake at approx 3:25 AM in the morning and observed a vehicle driving up and down Kings Way, Duran Cir, and onto Butano Drive.  The resident had been watching this for approx 20 minutes when the vehicle (a brown "Nissan Quest" style van) pulled up in front of his house.  The passenger (who seemed to be looking at a GPS, or Smartphone) then exited the van and started approaching the house.  The resident made his presence known, and the passenger reentered the vehicle, and the van sped off.  A partial on the license plate was 5EM.

Car Theft 
August 21, 2013, auto theft, 2500 block of Andrade
At approximately 5:15 AM, a small car pulled up to the house and an individual, went to a work van parked in the driveway, opened the door of the van, started it up, backed out of the driveway and sped off.  The owner (who usually leaves and is up at this time) chased after the vehicle.  Upon returning to his house and discovering the thieves vehicle, he called law enforcement.  The abandoned  vehicle was also stolen and a large number of Ford auto keys were left on the seat.  Apparently these thieves had copies of keys and use them to steal vehicles.  If you have an older Ford (ones that don't have the electronic chip) you should have a deterrent, such as a club, type device or an alarm.
Equimpent Theft
Theft 2500 block of Cambon
Late night/early morning of September 1st or 2nd
A resident reported the theft of landscaping equipment after the thieves cut a padlock on a gate.

Another resident several houses from the first had something taken, as
there were drag marks across the lawn, (resident wasn't home, and hasn't
returned as of this notice, to determine what was missing).  A neighbor saw a
truck near the house prior to this.

Auto Burglaries 
September 15,  2500 block of Andrade auto burglaries
3 vehicles had their windows smashed so burglars could gain access during the night.
No further information is available at this time.
From the Cowan neighborhood watch group
We had a break in night and one on Friday afternoon.

Car Burglary
Thursday night (September 19th) a car was gone through and they took stuff from it on Montclaire and Pope.

Attempted Burglary, possibly a Bump Key used
Friday (September 20th), a home was attempted to be burglarized in the afternoon on Brookwood by Regent.  They tried to go in through the door and messed up the locks.

(Sounds similar to the Watson one October 10th.)