Friday, August 16, 2013

Gas theft, Messy Recycling Scavengers

From a neighboring group:
Tuesday, August 13th, all the gas was stolen from my car on North Edge Drive and I was left with so little gas that I could not have driven to a station.  My husband noticed the door to the gas tank was open on my car this morning and had me check, and sure enough all the gas was gone.  My husband has a new car and said that his gas was fine, but he thinks his car was tampered with electronically, maybe to try and steal it, because the calendar was wrong this morning and some other electronic things were acting oddly. 

Messy Recycling Scavengers:
Recycling scavengers were out last night and they caused a problem on my property.  They'd left both cans open, and piled recycling materials high up in my open garbage can, such that the garbage truck probably wouldn't have taken my garbage had they come by before I fixed it.  I had nothing worth their time in my recycling--just cardboard, really.  

They left a few small items strewn about my lawn for me to clean up.  We sleep at the back of the house, so we didn't hear them to call the police, but please, please if you notice scavengers call the sheriff's nonemergency dispatch number and get an officer out.  

A bit of littering is just an inconvenience, but the activity of these people can hide identity theft activities, casing of houses, and even if they have no worse motives, they'll lower your property values just by scavenging.