Monday, December 5, 2011

Catalytic Converter Theft, Recovered Stolen Vehicle, Christmas Lights Contest

AT&T parking lot on Kings Way, November 29th, 2011 as reported by a resident

11/29/11 at around 3:50pm I was walking from my office at work to go to the post office and I heard someone working on a vehicle in our company parking lot. I assumed it was someone at work getting help starting their car. It sounded to me like they were having problems with a starter and I noticed a young woman, 20ish, pacing behind an older, light gray volkswagen bug.

I went on to the post office and thought about what I had seen in the parking lot and the more I thought about, I wondered if the woman was a lookout for something. I hurried back to work, gone six minutes max, and the VW was gone. Found the owner of the truck parked next to the VW and the catalytic converter had been cut out, right there, middle of the day, our work parking lot. Building is at 3540 kings way.

Called the Sheriff and an officer came out and took a report. He said he hadn't heard of catalytic converters being stolen for some time, but I told him that I continue to hear of such reports in the area from our neighborhood watch. Amazing this happened in daylight with people in and out of our office all the time, but it was so bold that I didn't initially question it. If I had gone with my gut instinct, they would have been caught. Young woman had long, medium brown hair, about 5'3-5'4, maybe 150 lbs. Didn't see the guy. Older toyota pickup is the vehicle that the catalytic converter was stolen from.

Stolen Vehicle Recovered, DPM Brick Plaza

The vehicle that was stolen from Claire Court has been recovered and returned to the owner

Also, the del paso manor brick plaza has had children from the school damaging the lettering. A resident caught the children in the act, and contacted the office. However, the school hasn't tried to repair the damage. Any PTA parents that can help?

Del Paso Manor Homeowners Association
Christmas Lights Contest

Judging will take place between December 11-17


1. Homes must be within the Del Paso Manor neighborhood boundaries: Maryal/Ione on the south, south side of Marconi on the north, Eastern on the east and Watt on the west.

2. A home at any one address cannot win in two consecutive years, unless during the calendar year the home has changed ownership or, if a rental, tenants.

3. Awards with prizes will given out to three homes in the neighborhood that exhibit the spirit of the holiday season with lights and decorations. Please review the criteria for each award.

The Awards are:

The Elf Award: Since elves toil in Santa’s workshop making toys and other presents by hand, this award will go to the home that has the best display of “homemade” decorations complimented by lights.

The Rudolph Award: Rudolph used “his nose so bright,” to lead the way for Santa, so this award will go to the home that has the most and best use of lights to display the holiday spirit.

The Santa Award: Santa loves decorations of all kinds, so this award will go to the home with the best Christmas decorations, whether commercial, homemade or a combination of both, complimented by lights.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vehicle Theft, Suspicious Activity

25th or 26th of November: A vehicle was stolen on Claire Court. No details are available at this time.

November 27th: suspicious vehicle/activity 2500 block of Andrade

Last night around 9:45, I heard a vehicle drive by our house with very loud music. I looked out the window and was surprised to see that it had stopped (with the music turned off) and a large man was getting out of the car and walking up to a neigbor's house. This was obviously odd, so I watched him walk up to the porch and peer through the front window and then he walked down the porch and jumped in the passenger's side of the car that was waiting. The car was an older model Ford Taurus or something that was very round and oval in the back window. The Sheriff's Department was called and responded quickly, stating that they had already been suspicious of another vehicle in the area. I believe that they targeted this house because the resident had just put up their Christmas Tree....

Just a note to all those decorating for Christmas, we have had several decorations stolen in the past couple of years (usually the inflatables). Try to secure them the best you can, and be aware.

Burglary, Catalytic Converter Thefts


A burglary occurred last the evening of Sunday, November 13th, between 7:30 and 8:00 PM on the 2800 block of Avalon at Marconi. A resident left at 7:30 PM and when a second resident returned home at 8pm, a neighbor informed him that there were two people, "messing" with the front door. The resident went around the house and then in the front door, Two individuals jumped the rear fence, and ran north on Norris. The Sheriff's department was called and a report taken, but no discernable fingerprints were obtained.

Three catalytic converter thefts have been reported recently, all of them single thefts. All were unbolted, not cut off, as in the past. Chuck guesses it could be a person on a bicycle, (low profile, and can carry very little)....just a thought

From Sherri, with the sheriff dept:

Burglary Detectives arrested 3 black male adults this week who were driving a light blue Toyota Camry and have charged them with 5 separate residential burglaries in the communities of Antelope, Fair Oaks and Carmichael.