Saturday, July 16, 2016

Package Theft, Suspect Vehicle Photographed

The below vehicle entered Duarte Court at 5:54 AM and discarded to empty amazon packages stolen from the 2500 block of Avalon.

The car is a white Honda Civic or Accord (editor's note:  I had a chat with a car buff and she says this is a late 80's to early 90's Honda Civic),with a black stripe on the sides, a sunroof, a spoiler, on the trunk and a nonfunctioning left brake light.  I wasn't able read the plate, from my cameras, but it did not have a front plate.

Editor:  Was a police report filed?  The missing front plate is a violation that could get them pulled over and the car searched due to the report and suspicious activity.

Also, kudos to whomever had security cameras and was able to provide photographs.  Well done.  If a police report wasn't filed, please do.  The pictures will help.