Thursday, April 29, 2010

Suspicious Activity, possible casing of a home

Two weeks ago, Mr. Smith, who lives on Villa Vista Way, related that he had an encounter with two men and a young boy. One of the men (self-described as "Italian"), said that he knew Mr. Smith's daughter, and that he had done some roof repairs for Mr. Smith. During the conversation, the boy said that he needed to go to the bathroom. Mr. Smith allowed the trio into his house, (he realized his mistake later), and although nothing occurred, the trio acted suspiciously.

Today Mr. Smith related that yesterday he encountered the same person and vehicle near the intersection of Morse and Alta Arden where the man indicated that Mr. Smith had a problem with his rear tire. Mr. Smith pulled over, and the man said that he could fix the problem for $40. Mr. Smith said that he would call AAA. It was determined later that there was no problem with the tire. At approximately 12 PM Wednesday (as related by mr smith), the same person(s), and boy showed up at Mr. Smith's house, knocked on the door, and said that their cat had jumped over Mr. Smith's fence, and asked to go into the backyard. Mr. Smith told them no, and the people got into their vehicle and drove off. Mr. Smith feels that he is being targeted for a possible theft, or other scam.

The description Mr. Smith gave is vague, and he is asking for anyone that spots a similar looking vehicle with similar occupants to please record the license plate number.

The vehicle is a dark black or blue SUV type with a luggage rack on top. The vehicle is smaller in size than a Jeep Cherokee.

The occupants are one Hispanic male adult, one "Italian" male adult, and a small boy.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Helping out an adjoining neighborhood

This report comes from a nearby neighborhood. If you have information on the vehicle, please forward it to Chuck at

This incident seems to have taken place early in the morning on April 2nd.

We live on De Costa Ave Which is by Presentation Church on the other side of Marconi. Early Friday morning probably about 2 AM, a white SUV (the neighbor thought it might be a Chevy Tahoe, but it was dark and wasn't 100% sure) drove down De Costa from Eastern and failed to make the bend in the road. It went into the neighbor's yard just missing her olive tree and turned left and into the side of our garage. It was going fast enough to not only punch a hole in the wall but push the motorcycle into my car and that into Bob's car. It then was able to back out, running into the back side of the olive tree taking off bark and limb, turned and angled toward the street after clipping the corner of the garage knocking all the bricks off the face. It then left the scene, turned right onto SilverCrest and we believe left onto Norris heading towards Marconi.

It left behind a side mirror, broken tail light pieces, and a casing that goes around the headlights. The front end has to be squashed and the back driver side corner probably as well and the back window is probably broken. The police took a report.

We don't have much else to go on other than we think it is probably someone who lives within the area.