Monday, March 26, 2012

Newspaper Solicitors Again

Tonight, March 26, 2012 there was a newspaper solicitor on Watson street. A boy perhaps in his very early teens, apparently unescorted was trying to give out free copies of the Bee, but he only appeared to have one of them.

He had dark hair and spoke with an accent that sounded Eastern European.

Catching up--multiple events

I'm tremendously sorry for the delays in updating the blog. Unfortunately, the neighborhood has not been quiet in the interim. I will post everything, but may not be able to do my usual touch ups to the reports.

March 23, 2012

Arden Park Burglary
Friend's Mom's house broken into on Monday

Here is the info:
I thought I would send you the info on my mom's break in so you could post it on the Arden Park site. She lives on the 4000 block of Esperanza Drive. We are unsure of the time of day but it was Monday March 19th. Gloves we warn so the crime scene investigator was not able to get prints. They came in through a downstairs bedroom window at the rear of the house. Some obvious items, in plain view were not taken, so we believe that she may have come home and disturbed them. I was there around 10am and she was there around 3pm and then back again around 7pm. The front door was unlocked and believed to be the exit route.

Her house is on the north side of Esperanza just past the park towards La Sierra. They took some cash and other items.
There was another break-in on Esperanza two weeks ago (between La Sierra and Los Molinos). The break-in took place between 9:30 and 3pm while my friend was at work.

Sherrie, Crime Prevention Specialist
Sacramento County Sheriff
North Division

Just about every day, someone calls to tell me about a man that was knocking on doors selectively in their neighborhood and asking if:
1) he could clean something
2) he could sell you something
3) he could have $40 to fix or buy something for kids
4) you would donate money for his cause

He may or may not have a flyer, or a business card, and sometimes he knew your neighbor's name or name of their children or was a friend of a neighbor.

He had no business license. He seemed to be going to homes where neighbors did not appear
home. Or maybe he followed you into your house and directly asked for money. Solicitors often look very decent.

PLEASE CALL THE SHERIFF on ALL SUSPICIOUS SOLICITORS!! You could be saving your own home, or your neighbor's. Be an unofficial Neighborhood Watch. It's about helping to watch out for others, not just your own property.
1. CALL IMMEDIATELY - Don't wait. Let us talk to him. SHERIFF 874-5115
2. The Sheriff can detain and identify him. You can't. The Sheriff can run him for warrants, probation status and check out his car. You can't.
Don't tell him that you are calling the cops. Let him work the neighborhood and let him think that you're not on to him. Also alert neighbors down the street that's a suspicious solicitor is going door to door. But, if you see him going into a backyard or house uninvited, call 9-1-1. Now he's a burglar or a prowler.
3. Be a good witness. Get a description of him; race, age, height, weight, hair, facial hair, clothing
description, vehicle description and direction of travel. Tell the dispatcher what makes this solicitor suspicious.
4. Ask the dispatcher to send a deputy to identify and talk with this man.
5. On the next business day, call the Sheriff Service Center to start a Neighborhood Watch on your street. Volunteer! Its easier then you think!Solicitors are everywhere.

March 19, 2012

these are reported incidents, in the last week, by the people on our network

March 15, 2600 block of Catalina
Shortly ago (11:00am, March 15th) I was in my kitchen in the 2600 block of Catalina, making breakfast and talking the phone, and a bronze-ish/tan American made pickup (likely Ford) with the front bumper missing and two to three occupants (40s to 50s) drove head-on up to the edge of my property and started to honk. And repeated to honk. And honked some more. And stared right at me, noticing that I failed to flinch at the honking. Then honked some more. Finally (ostensibly due to my failure to stop doing what I was doing and come outside), the front passenger got out of the vehicle and came up and rang my doorbell. I opened the kitchen window and the person proceeded to try to give me a tree trimming sales pitch. I said “IS THAT WHAT YOU WERE HONKING ABOUT?” “REALLY?” “IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE?” “REALLY?” “YOU WERE TRYING TO GET ME TO COME OUTSIDE SO YOU COULD OFFER TO TRIM MY TREE?” Whereupon the driver shouted out from the vehicle that he was crippled and couldn’t get out of the car. Whereupon I pointed to the ambulatory individual standing on my porch and said “WELL HE CAN!” (I did not ask how he planned to trim my tree if he couldn’t get out of the car). The dialog spiraled from there as I was unable to contain my shock and dismay over their horribly ineffective and RUDE sales antics. And they left in the barrage of verbal crossfire. Thought I’d give the neighborhood the heads up. Their actions were disruptive and disrespectful. I am shocked that strangers would sit out front of my house in their car, staring at me through the window, and continue to honk their horn like that

March 16, 2500 block of Andrade
Hi, my husband and I live in the 2500 block of Andrade Way and there was a guy who just came by our door (at about 3:45pm (3/16). I think he said his name was Cody, wearing a gray jacket that said "Bulldogs" on it, black jeans, and had a shaved head. I spoke to him through one of our front windows but he kept trying to get me to open the door. He said he was a part of a youth program (he looked to be at least mid 20s) and he had to meet 100 people to help ease his fears of public speaking. He said no one had been 'good' enough to open the door for him and waited for me to open the door which i didnt. He said id be getting 200 more knocks behind him if i didnt answer and was just trying to save me from them. Then he offered to sell me magazine subscriptions. When I politely declined about 3 or 4 times he got a bit rude. He told me our next door neighbors had sent subscriptions to soldiers oversees and we could do the same. I again declined. And he asked again why I wouldn't open the door. And then he got very rude and told me he was merely projecting how i was treating him. After that i said i had things to take care of and he left, walking down our street toward El Camino. Thankfully our dogs were inside and would not stop barking at him but he made me very uneasy. I just wanted to let you know this guy was going around the neighborhood.

March 16, 2800 block of La Paz
Had a situation here yesterday (5/16 @ 1550 hrs) where a WMA approx 18 came to the door claiming to be soliciting signatures sponsoring him to a Public Speaking Class. Dorothy spoke with him at the door and immediately felt uncomfortable with him and declined his request. He persisted and told her to open the door so he could show her the letter he wanted her to sign. Again, she refused. He subsequently left in a huff. I have it on video and some of his actions were "curious" at best. He was wearing a gray hoodie sweat shirt and torn and shabby pants. He was carrying a can of some type of beverage. Initially, he had no paperwork in his hand. While he was talking to Dorothy, he reached inside his pants and pulled out a folded piece of paper similar to a letter. He had no clip board nor pen, yet he wanted her to read and sign his letter. He made a rather curious and vague statement to Dorothy acknowledging her reluctance to open the door for him due to "boy girl things". That was the clincher for her and she told him firmly, "No, I'm not interested" and she closed the door. He left in a huff heading north bound on La Paz.
Can you send the info to log on for me so I can post a "bulletin" for the group should something like this occur again?

March 17 3900 block of kings way
When Ron was doing his morning walk, he saw someone had driven over a lawn on Kings Way. When I drove by to go grocery shopping, I noticed that it looks like it was done on purpose as the tracks start at one end of the lawn and go all the way to the other. I don't know if it has been reported to the police or not.
NOTE: similar occurrence, on a house in the 3700 block of kings way
also, the sheriff dept, "cyberwatch, reported a burglary, in the 2800 block of verna.
i haven't gotten any details on this as of now.
and another "local" incident, reported by a neighboring neighborhood.
cowan neighborhood watch group march 18

This happened on North Edge in the daytime.

Here is part of the email from another neighbor.She left around 11:30 am and was back about 11:40am and when she was gone a older red car pulled up with a older black man, he got out and kicked in her side door. Her home alarm went off and he fled. She filed a police report.

March 03, 2012

a resident on butano, noticed a plastic bottle, next to her mother's vehicle this morning, and determined that it was a chemical "bottle bomb". she contacted me, and as i was on my way out the door, i drove by. it appeared to be one, and the sheriff dept was called. two unit arrived, and were able to disable the "device". (apparently there wasn't enough chemical in the bottle to cause an explosion), but in the photo (attached), you will notice that the "gatorade bottle", is distorted to the shape of a football.
this is getting more common.
the below text, is from the cowan NW group, and describes the "device"
EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN, NOT TO TOUCH ONE OF THESE. and call the sheriff dept immediately, upon finding one.
this device was collected by the deputies, and they said they would be checking it for fingerprints.

feb 6 2012 area of montclaire and pope

Last night (Saturday) at about 9:20pm we heard two loud pops outside in the street. My car alarm also was triggered.
By the time we got outside to investigate, no person or car was seen. However, we did find the remnants of two plastic bottles, warm to the touch, and containing some fluid and pieces of aluminum foil. No damage was done.
I called the Sheriffs office this morning and a deputy came out to investigate.
One additional bit of information provided by a neighbor is that the bottles may have come from a beige or brown SUV traveling west on Brookwood Rd.

Some more information from the web. (THANKS GEORGE!)
Apparently, these were "bottle bombs", made from a common cleaning agent, some water, and pieces of aluminum foil. When mixed, there is a chemical reaction which produces a lot of gas very rapidly. 25-30 seconds after they are mixed in a closed container, the pressure of the gas causes the container to explode. The force of the explosion can cause serious injury.
A warning. Sometimes a "bottle bomb" is left unmixed either intentionally (eg, in a mailbox) or unintentionally. If picked up by a unknowing person, it could then mix and explode. If you find a plastic bottle or other closed container, examine it carefully before picking it up. If you can see a small amount of fluid and aluminum foil in the container, do not pick it up and call proper authorities. If you find one of these already exploded, be careful because the fluid remains caustic. Making one of these is a felony.

February 29, 2012

a resident reported, that a CHP officer informed her that, (in our area), unknown individuals, were pushing shopping carts, containing a manikin, into the lanes of traffic, as a car approaches. i sent an email to the CHP POP officers to confirm this.
i have had several reports, and have witnessed a couple of times, individuals driving thru the neighborhood, and then a passenger jumps out of the vehicle, to place a "preprinted note", saying that they want to buy your car, and leaves a first name, and a phone number.
there was also an incident on carrisa, last sunday, where a person, knocked on the door of a house, (the residents just got back from a vacation), and startled, the solicitor, by answering the door. the solicitor than asked if the resident wanted to sell their car, and the resident replied, with, 'what will you give me for it?', to which the solicitor, stammered, and said that she only had a few dollars, and could pay the rest later. the resident said no,and the vehicle left. a license couldn't be obtained, as it was obscured by bushes.
if you get a note like this on you vehicle, get a picture of it, and send it to me, along with time date and location. i am going to create a file, to see if we can track any coincidental, crimes in the area, with these "solicitors"

February 23, 2012

some good news for the good guys,
the 2500 block of andrade, has a problem house, that until monday, 2-20, resided a felon parolee, that was using stolen vehicles for transportation, and parked them at the other end of the block, from where he lived. with the neighbors being aware, the chp auto theft task force, maintained a watch on the vehicle, until wed, the 15th, when it left the area at approx 9am. on monday, neighbors noticed that the subject had returned to the residence, and called the CHP, (according to ofcr yager, approx 3 separate calls). the subject relented to a parole search of the residence, which revealed a "zip gun", (home made gun).
he was arrested and booked on 3 felonies.
the 2800 block of verna, has been dealing with a "problem house", and with the persistant neighbors, it looks like the final nail, has been hammered into that problem. the county has posted the house "unsafe for occupancy".
with the warmer weather, activity, (of all sorts), is going to increase, remember to roll up your car's windows, lock the doors, AND REMOVE ALL VALUABLES.
(had a phone call, from a neighbor that said their was someone on a bicycle, riding around a car, parked on kings way, and the bicycler left, when the neighbor made a u-turn, to check out what he was doing).

February 09, 2012

lacy lane, (south of marconi, between morse and fulton)
We have a Neighborhood Watch issue.
This morning, we found KXX's car had been broken in to and contents of the glove box and trunk were rifled through.
There were some items removed from the car that we later found down the street: the first aid kit was found near the island opened & many contents removed but appears nothing taken, car safety kit (jumper cables, tools, etc.) was found in the WXXte's yard, with contents removed, but doesn't appear anything was taken.
The door to KXX's gas tank was open, but no gas was taken. The dome light was lit, but not sure for how long. (Probably not all night, since the car started right up.) It doesn't appear anything is missing. Not even the loose change. As far as we can tell, the car was undamaged.
She's 99% certain her car was locked last night, but the alarm didn't go off when they opened the car, nor did our dogs bark from any sound.
GiXXr and BXX's Highlander and ChrXXs truck were also broken in to.
Could you pass this along to the Neighborhood Watch etc.?
Thanks much
3800 block of duran circle
attempted vehicle burglary
the rear driver's side window was smashed, but nothing was taken. it was deduced, that the "motion detecting" security light, came on late, and scared off the thieves. the vehicle had tinted windows.

February 06, 2012

Last Friday night, a vehicle parked on the street, on barbarell, had it's driver's side window smashed out, apparently, the car was not ransacked, so it seems, that it was broken out, on the move.
information below, is from arden park, and you should be aware of "the approach", to avoid being a victim, or providing information, so that your neighbor may be a victim.....(unfortunate times!)
Over in the south part of Arden Park this week…..a middle aged female told a neighbor that she was new to the neighborhood and was trying to get ahold of the person next door. She told this neighbor the other next door neighbor’s name and seemed to be very pleasant. The middle aged female got the whole scoop on who lived there and the best times that they would or would not be home.
Later it was found that the person next door was burglarized. A 3rd neighbor has an older female on video surveillance coming out of that house and a vehicle description. It wasn’t until several days later that all the neighbors figured out that the middle aged female was probably the burglar.
So if an unknown person asks you questions, please think twice about giving out information about others. Please take their name and phone number and tell them that you’ll get back to them.
The only description was a dark truck, not very specific. The main point of the information was the approach the woman took to gain information. If someone tries this approach again, try to get a picture of them and more specific info on their vehicle, ie license plate number and make/model.

January 31, 2012

reported from maryal/kings wy

in regards to the "explosion" Sunday evening. We did not see anyone, but our living room lit up like a huge spot light was shining in and then there was the "explosion". We actually felt the percussion and thought it was right outside our house. We went out and found nothing, but we did see a large puff of smoke above the school property. Looking from our driveway it was located above where the playground area behind where the cafeteria is or maybe in the grassy area. So..... "VERY bright flash then a very loud explosion. Could this possibly be a "Flash Bang". You might check with Sherrie Carhart or one of our neighborhood Officers. We did see that the Fire Department responded, but when we noticed them they were going around the corner at Ione, tried to catch them but they were gone.

from sherri -- sheriff dept
Please let neighbors know…….Odd but end the end nothing was found. At 1/29/12 at 718pm, numerous calls came into Sheriff dispatch and some into FIRE. Calls came from Watson, Avalon, Verna, Birgit and Louisiana . Many nearby residents heard a big boom. Some saw a flash of light which lit up the sky or 1 or two others say that they saw a flash of light over a nearby roof. Others said that their house walls shook. One neighbor from Cathay Ct said that work has been going on gas lines all week and another resident on Catalina said that they can smell an odd smell in the air. FIRE went to ck out area. PGE, was called and said that they have not been in the area. All source witnesses were pointing in different directions of where they saw or heard it. Because we and FIRE were unable to locate any explosion or source of the noise, it was cleared at 754pm.

Reported from a neighbor on Becerra
It was a transformer that blew behind the (2800 block of Becerra) house. SMUD repaired it Monday morning.

A green Honda, had been left on the 3700 block of font for several days. The vehicle, without a license plate, had a jack under the driver's side front wheel. A neighbor called parking enforcement, who in turn called CHP, which towed the car. It was mentioned that a green Honda was used recently in an armed robbery.

January 27, 2012

After yesterday's alert, I learned that an attempted burglary occurred on Alamitos on the same day, and coincidentally, the house was approximately the same distance from Marconi, as the Kino house. the action took place behind, an unlocked gate, where the perpetrators, attempted to pry a side door open, but were unsuccessful.

If you see anyone in your neighborhood or on your street who looks out of place, write down their license plate, (if available), take their picture, (without exposing yourself), or do anything you can, (even step out the door and look around, criminals don't like to be seen).

Tonight, another wave of "Advantage" sales people canvassed the neighborhood. I contacted the "controller" from the last "canvass", and he is not currently in this neighborhood. If you have a contact with any of these people, and they act inappropriately or unprofessionally, contact the sheriff dept at 874-5115, or you can ask them for the number of the van that dropped them off. if you see the van, (usually a 9 passenger van), get a license plate.

January 25, 2012

A 15-year old Mira Loma student reported being approached and followed by an unknown man on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 as she was on her way home from school at approximately 1500h (3:00 PM). The student mentioned that the subject called out to her several times saying “hey, I know you, I know you girl” in addition to asking her where she was going. A Mira Loma parent pulled up and asked the student if she knew the man and if she wanted a ride.

The student went with the parent, and the man left. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department has been made aware of the incident.

Suspect Information

Hispanic male adult, dark skin, in his 40’s.

Suspect Vehicle

1970’s light blue-silver car, “banged up” on the driver’s side. No license plate number was obtained.