Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Daylight Burglary

A home in the 2700 block of Marilona  was burglarized on Monday, March 18, sometime between 10 AM and 3:30 PM.  Computers, personal ID of family, jewelry etc. taken. an ADT door to door salesmen. informed neighbors of this.  The victim said at one point yesterday morning before her daughter left the house, 2 black females came up the steps and looked into the front windows but they did not see her inside. Someone else (later) saw a black male walking past her house with 2 back packs over his shoulder.  A neighbor saw this same person at about 3 to 3:30 walking past their driveway as they came out to leave. When they looked at him he quickly looked away and crossed the street.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Recycling Scavengers going too far

From Chuck:

A warning!  This morning my wife went out to deposit some last minute garbage in the can before the pick up and returned asking if the garbage truck had come yet.  It hadn't.

(I keep the recycle can close to the house until morning on recycling pick up days because of scavengers).  In any case it seems that someone removed our trash bag as it was convenient to grab the bag and go.
(I was awoken twice and noticed a minivan come into the court I live on at approximately 3:15 AM and a different one at 4:25 AM)  In the future I will be either cutting the bottom of the bag as it goes into the can, or dumping the contents.

Editor's note:  This is really bad because recycling and garbage scavenging, besides bringing down the resale value of your home, serves as an easy cover for identity theft.  Shred any identity-bearing documents.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

February 18-19
Mail Theft, 3900 block of Kings Way
A resident left mail out for collection.  It was payment for a bill.  Monday was a holiday, so there was no mail pick up.  Over the course of the day/evening, the letter was stolen from the mailbox.  The remnants were recovered by another neighbor on Louisiana Street and returned to the owner.

[Note:  If a check was in the envelope, you will want to call the bank and have them cancel the account, or give it a new number.  The information strip at the bottom of the check can be placed on forged checks and used to drain your account with made up personal information--it's the strip at the bottom that matters and the store will not realize before your money is gone.]
February 20, 2:15 AM
Vehicle Burglary, 2500 block of Andrade Way
Burglars broke the window of a work truck and proceeded to steal the contents.  The owner was alerted to the action and chased the two criminals towards Emigh Hardware.  The Sheriff's department was called and  responded.  At least one suspect was apprehended. (The suspect in custody was reportedly  released on parole within the last few weeks).  The vehicle the  burglars used was left in front of the victim's residence with the keys still in the ignition.  The victims asked the responding deputies to search the vehicle and the stolen tools were in the trunk.

February 21 
The CHP were conducting stop sign enforcement at the intersection of Andrade and Butano on the morning of Thursday, 2-21.
A few tickets and several warnings were issued. (Reportedly, to nearby residents).  The CHP POP officers will be running random enforcement at varying intersections throughout the neighborhood.

February 27
Stolen Vehicle
A Honda Accord was stolen from Villa Vista Way on or about Wednesday, February 27.  It was recovered except for the wheels near Raley Blvd. on Saturday.