Friday, June 21, 2013

Aggressive Scavenging and other Incidents

I'm sorry for the delay in posting.  It's been quite a busy couple of weeks for me.  We have a few reports to add.  Please note that we have people casing our homes.  Please call the Sheriff's department for these suspicious activities.

Today there was a very aggressive recycling scavenger on Watson Street.  He was in a navy blue (almost black appearing) early 90's model Ford Extended cab license plate number TN46468.  It has some front end damage.  I had to go outside to get his plate.  When I did, he started screaming at me and called me "chickensh*t" for taking his plate number.  He wouldn't let me say anything to explain neighborhood watch always takes license plate numbers for suspicious activity in our neighborhood.  He drove off when I said the sheriff's department had been called.  The driver/scavenger is a man in his 50's, gray hair and beard.  This morning he had a red t-shirt on.  He was aggressive enough I'm worried he'll seek to retaliate, so if you see him in our neighborhood, especially near Eastern and El Camino Avenues, please call the sheriff's department right away.

He tried to reassure me he wasn't an identity thief, but honestly the fact he knew I might be conscious of that indicates that might have been his purpose.

From a neighbor on Butano (e-mail virus)
I'm sending this out because I know a few people who have gotten emails with the friend/sender's name in the subject heading.  I received 2 myself - One ironically - I had been expecting an email with that person's name in the subject heading. Unfortunately, when I opened the email - I quickly saw it was not actually sent from my friend.  

There's a virus going around. If you have your email accounts like me (online) and you receive one of these pesky virus/emails - all you have to do is change your password on your account. This will prevent any virus from using your password to send out more viruses.  When I originally opened the email/virus - I suddenly lost access to all of my contacts. I contacted Microsoft and luckily, it was a problem on their end and not a result of any virus.

The only reason that I'm sending this out to everyone now, is because we all need to share this info with others who may not know about it.  I am diligent as is one of my senders who had the virus - about never opening anything without a subject heading or anything unusual, etc.  He has no idea how he got the virus, as he did not open/receive any odd emails.  He did some online tracking and his account was accessed from Hungary, when the emails were sent. So, go figure. 

So, again - tell your friends, etc. that if they get any emails with the sender's name in it, to beware!
Also, one thing I've noticed is that my G-mail account never has any viruses sent to it - but one does every couple of months. So, I may be letting this one go - and just keeping my Gmail.  We'll see.

Have a great day!
BEWARE OF ANY EMAILS THAT ARE ADDRESSED TO YOU AND HAVE NO SUBJECT OR THE SENDER'S NAME AS THE SUBJECT LINE.   The subject line should be something relatively directed to something that you would connect to with the sender.
June 17th, Suspicious Activity    incident on Duarte ct  
This morning at 6am I happened to glance out my front window and saw someone looking in the window of my car. I ran out there and said, "What the @&!? are you doing?"  It was a young woman, white, late teens/early twenties. She just smiled and got into a car driven by a male with two other females in the back. The vehicle was dark blue or gray, possibly an Altima, a small 4 door sedan. I was more concerned about getting the license plate #6TTF628. I made a report to the sheriff immediately after.
June 16th Suspicious Activity 2800 block of marilona
Someone was casing our home as we left. We circled back confronted took pic of plates called sheriff.
picture attached.  License is disabled plate, 7597Z DP.
 photo Suspcious.jpg

Jun 11 Suspicious Activity  (approx 2pm) 2800 block of ione
A black male adult with a shopping cart was going through waste cans that were up at the houses.  In one instance, the cans were next to an "unattended" open garage.  The sheriff dept was called, and responded to the area, within 10 minutes.  The individual was not found on ione or barbarell, and the deputy drove into the central neighborhood. (it is unknown as to the outcome).  The responding deputy did state that "allowing people to come onto your property gives them the excuse to look into your vehicles or other places," (this is a summation of the conversation).

Jun 10, Recycling Theft 5pm-ish  3700 block of duran circle
A resident had staged a small bag of  recyclables for a friend on their front porch.  A male in his late teens riding a bicycle by the house apparently noticed the bag and stopped and approached the house.  The resident saw the action and thought someone was coming to the door, and awaited the knock/doorbell, which didn't come.  Upon checking the door, the bag was gone and the person had left.
May 30, a garage sale was set up at 4100 Marconi, (at the intersection of Norris, at the traffic light).   This house has been vacant and borded up, tied up in a trust for at least 4 years.  A nearby neighbor said that the garage door was open when they passed by.  The sheriff dept was called, ( the disposition of the call is unknown).
At approx 1pm, on Saturday, the 2 subjects set up their garage sale and the sheriff dept responded, and arrested or detained two individuals.
According to  nearby neighbors this house, has been stripped of it's recyclable materials, and has no services, (water, electricity, gas)...but is a continuing problem.