Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tires Slashed

Kelly reported on Tuesday, February 23:

Sometime between 10:00 PM last night and 6:00 AM this morning all four of my tires were slashed in my driveway (3900 block of Kings Way). I have absolutely no idea who would have done something like that so I believe it was a random act. Just wanted to let people know to beware.

Chuck also noticed driving home on Wednesday the 24th that a car on the 3700 block of Kings Way had had a front tire slashed.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Squatters (natural gas danger)

From Chuck:

February 19th at approximately 2 PM while in the 2800 block of Avalon, I noticed an odor of exhaust from natural gas from 2825 Avalon (a house that has been vacant for at least 6 weeks). I looked at the roof line, and noticed heat waves coming from a roof jack, over the garage area. I detemined that it was an exhaust vent for the water heater. I talked to the neighbor across the street, and he said that he hadn't seen anyone at the house. (Due to the recent incident(s), of house explosions, caused by natural gas leaks, the Sheriff's department was called. The garage door was not locked. No information on whether the Sheriff's department responded or not.

If you are in the proximity of a vacant house, please be aware of transients using it. If necessary, call PG&E and SMUD, to completely disconnect the services to the address to make it less desirable to squatters and less dangerous for neighboring houses.


Last Friday, February 12th, at approximately 9:15 AM, two males jumped over the fence from the Kensington Apartments into the back yard at 2585 Butano. The resident of the property's dog was alerted by the noise the men had made and the resident let the dog loose. the Two jumped back over the fence. No further information is available.

The Kensington Apartments have a new owner, and are in the midst of repairing the place. The manager, leasing staff and maintenance crew all seem to be professional and easily identified. They are trying to screen new residents more thoroughly, and have been recently added to our network.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Prowler in a Backyard

Last weekend, late at night, a prowler jumped a fence on the 2500 block of Butano. The resident was alerted by the flashlight the person was using, and yelled at the person, who jumped over the back fence, to the Andrade side, and fled. No other information available.