Monday, June 20, 2011

Several Incidents

3700 block of Duran Circle (Auto Theft)

On Sunday, between the hours of 12 midnight and 4 am, Sunday, a car was stolen. The residents had left the doors unlocked. The Sheriff's department made them aware by calling at 4:10 AM. Apparently the thief took the car to a vacant house on Kentfield near Watt Avenue to syphon gas out of the tank. When a neighbor noticed the activity, they called the sheriff dept. Some items were stolen, including a garage door opener, but the car was recovered and a thief was arrested.

3700 block of Kings Way (Breaking in and Entering)

At approx 10:30PM Sunday night, a very thin person cut the screen to an open window leading to the garage. The opening is small, roughly 16X16 inches and faces Kings Way. The intruder moved things around, but according to the resident nothing was taken.

2800 block of Alamitos (Vehicle Vandalism)

At approx 12:30AM-1AM on Monday morning, a crash was heard. When the resident went out to investigate, she observed a newer, silver SUV speed away. She then noticed a rock in the driveway and the window of their truck (parked behind a gate) had been broken.

Kensington Apts. on Kings Way (Vehicle Burglaries)

During the Sunday night/Monday morning period, several vehicles had “window smash” burglaries.

Below is a flyer of a missing teen from the Del Campo High School area. Clicking on it will bring up the full sized flyer with phone numbers to call if you see her.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Carmichael Theft

From Chuck

This was taken from the FB Carmichael watchgroup site and occurred on May 30. Updated info with photos came up, so I thought I might post them and the info.
Just as in the Lapaz burglary a couple of years ago, the more eyes out there the more information that can be gathered.
05/30/2011: Memorial day. Landis Ave. This Guy stole our garden equipment out of our shed. Security cameras witnessed him checking our curbside mail box to see if we were home. Then he looked in our windows and checked around the house for unlocked doors. He found our gas powered lawn equipment and loaded it into his cherry red hummer. He was careful not to trigger our alarm system, but he was unaware of our cameras. There is not doubt that if he saw something he wanted when he looked in the windows he would have broken in…it took him 9 minutes from arrival to departure.


This is the Cherry red hummer that the guy drove who took our garden equipment. (see previous posts) Heads up to everyone who has rural style mailboxes in Carmichael. This guy seemed to have a theft routine down that is triggered by unclaimed mail in mail boxes.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Home invasion robbery, Shots fired incident

Monday, JUNE 13, 2011 5:30 a.m. -6:00 a.m. on VALKYRIE WAY (cross of ROBERTSON/MONTCLAIRE)
As reported on the news - A male, light skinned, 5-11 to 6-1, slim build, wearing black hooded sweatshirt entered the backyard of the neighbors home. The neighbor & family were sleeping, family dog home. The male ransacked the house, piling up the personal belongings of the neighbor before going into the masterbedroom where the homeowner was sleeping. The male kept the neighbor and her son in the house while he continued to "collect" their property.
The entire burglary was interrupted (around 8:00 a.m.) when concerned co-workers arrived at the home to check on their very punctual co-worker who never showed up for work. The co-workers interrupted the male who ran out of the house. The neighbor and her son survived unharmed along with the co-workers who scared off the bad guy. He fled on foot towards GREENVIEW (towards Watt Avenue).
I know this is a frightening e-mail. This incident was reported on the news also but it hits so very close to our homes. Neighborhood Watch does work-watch out for each other and phone 9-1-1 the minute you think a situation is "weird" or "unusual".
From Chuck:

Just for information, to the greater DPM area, (I've limited previous emails to the area concerned to gather more info) on Friday evening around 6PM, a male Hispanic was walking west on Lasuen, when a white van (possibly an Aerostar), pulled up to him, in the opposing trafic lane. Screams and yelling were heard, and then a loud "bang". The van then peeled out, and the hispanic male continued to walk towards Butano. 911 was called but no sheriff has responded to date. Bullet fragments were recovered and appear to be from a .25 auto. (It seems the "walker" fired a shot into the floorboard of the van, and scared them away. The "walker" was wearing a black shirt, and of stocky build.
This occured near the corner of Lasuen and Catalina.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Multiple incidents

Car burglaries which may lead to home burglary; stolen items may be pawned:


From Julie: My Toyota Highlander, parked on my driveway (Cresta at La Sierra), was entered last night and rifled through thoroughly, taking the box of quarters for meters, 2 pairs of ladies sunglasses, current vehicle registration, and several house keys (no identifiers on them and not for this residence). The car was not damaged. Perhaps I forgot to lock the car last night; I usually re-lock it when I turn out the lights. I have filed a report with the sheriff's office. So the thieves are out there; beware.

From unknown: Julie, my husband’s car was also broken into. (Cresta Way, right next to the park, a few houses down from you) He discovered the break in this morning, but we got home late last night from a week-long vacation, so we weren’t sure when it might have happened. He thought he has locked his car, but the car was unlocked this morning and it had been rifled through. All that was missing was some change and an envelope including his registration and insurance paperwork. We are just glad there wasn’t more in the car for them to steal. Not sure what they are planning on doing with the registration though....that is a little concerning. It is unnerving that break-ins like this are happening in the neighborhood. He is also going to file a sheriff’s report.

From unknown regarding the above: Please make sure you didn’t have a garage door opener in your car. Thieves have been known to break into cars and steal the opener and registration (so they have the address) and come back later to burglarize the house.

That being said, a young man who committed a number of car burglaries last fall. He usually sold the items to Capital City Loan & Jewelry, a pawn shop on El Camino near Watt, across from Wal-Mart. You may want to check there in a couple of days for your stolen items.

Car Crash (potential drunk driving?), Catalytic Converter Theft

Cowan NW area, 06/06/2011

This incident happened late Sunday night, little after 1 AM Monday morning on North Edge.

Please spread the word and let's see if the car comes back into the neighborhood.

Thanks Laura for getting me the info.

This car did a lot of damage to the decorative fence in front, and went flying through the neighborhood.

Here is the info:

I just wanted to pass on information about an incident that occurred on North Edge Drive. At 1:18 I heard a car screeching through the neighborhood and then a loud crash. We got up and looked outside and the car had knocked down a front yard fence and row of rose bushes in our next door neighbor's yard. Another neighbor that lives on Whitney followed the car, but couldn't catch the guy. He said it was a white male, about 200 lbs. and around 30 years old as far as he could tell. The neighbor said the driver was in a dark blue Chevy compact with a Paul Blanco ad where the license place should have been. We called it into the CHP, but they did not investigate until today when our neighbor made a report. The driver didn't appear to know our neighborhood because he pulled into Canna Court, probably thinking he could leave the neighborhood that way.

My neighbor's catalytic converter was stolen today June 8, 2011 at 4:45 a.m. His truck was parked in his driveway on the 2100 block of Maryal Drive. The truck alarm awoke us and 2 guys were seen getting into a silver car and driving off.

Update on the Wee Haul incident

From a member of the Carmichael watchgroup:

I just called Greg, the owner of Wee Haul and he told me what happened. He was doing some foreclosure work and he has a set of master keys to vacant houses. He was given the wrong address and told the neighbor what had happened. Also, he spoke to Better Business Bureau and let them know also.

From Brenda: A suggestion for my neighbors...

Years ago, a Highway Patrolman spoke to our work group and he recommended that we NOT keep our car registration and even Insurance paperwork in our vehicle. Nothing with our home address on it. He said carry it on your person. He stated that if yu are at work, shopping or whatever and your car is broken-in-to the thief has your home address and knows you are NOT at home.

Since then, I carry a copy in my wallet/purse of the necessary paperwork. I never leave it in my car.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Potential Pedophile / Abductor in the area

I have just heard by word of mouth from a friend in the "Garden of the Gods" neighborhood (behind the Whole Foods shopping area) that 2-3 times in the last 4 weeks a man in a cream-colored older sedan beckoned children playing in their front yards to approach the car. The children fortunately knew not to approach a stranger's car!

Please let your families and neighbors know of the potential danger. If you see a person doing this, protect the children first, and get a plate number and make a report if you have the opportunity.