Monday, March 7, 2011

Pool sweeper theft (2500 block of Catalina) and spam mail

From Chuck:

Two days ago, a pool sweeper (the sort that looks like a manta ray) was stolen from a pool on the 2500 block of Catalina. The house has been vacant for a few months, but now as it is being prepared to be occupied, the pool sweeper is stolen.
SPAM MAIL alert. If you receive an email that does not have a subject, or otherwise does not seem right, it may come from a stolen email list that sends out links. I have received 3 of these in the last week from different people, some that have this email address, and some that have my personal address. If it seems wrong, delete it, and by all means, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK. (you may be the next one sending out spam).

Note: a better alternative to clicking links sent to you is to google the subject matter if you're interested in the information. Many of these messages will come with text that just doesn't sound like your friend at all. Be especially aware of these scams on facebook.