Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Abductions around Marconi Avenue

I don't have many details on this, but have been relayed verbal reports of 3 abductions in our area near Marconi Avenue.  Two were in the early morning hours (around 4:30 AM) and one in the evening (around 9 PM).  More details would be welcomed!  The abductions were of adult women, not of children.

If you walk for exercise in the area, please be sure to bring a buddy and make sure someone knows your whereabouts, your route and your estimated walking time.

Break ins, burglary

Car Burglary, Cowan Group
During the week of December 16th on Woodcrest a car window was smashed and unknown suspects grabbed what little was in the car.  It was an older white Honda or Toyota. The driver was a younger male with blonde hair, and wearing a beanie.

Car Burglary, Cowan Group
Christmas Eve day (12/24) there were two women in a white older four door Audi around 4:30 PM that smashed a window and stole Christmas gifts from a SUV. This happened on Eastwood.

Suspicious Activity/Recycling Theft, Cowan Group
The women and man from last month that use recycling as their MO were seen a few times in the neighborhood. I called the police on her two weeks ago, but they never got her. The Sheriff who showed up was not very friendly nor responsive to this. They have been seen many times in the early hours by walkers. The Sheriffs have been called every time but have never caught up to them. They have been seen looking into cars and garage side windows. They again are a middle aged white couple, skinny, and on bikes. The women will typically put her coat hood on when she has been spotted.

Abandoned Home Used for Recycling Theft, Cowan Group
Last thing is the abandoned home on Regent. People are using it to store recyclables on Thursday/Friday recycle weeks. They have been also seen hanging out there too. They will leave trash behind from food and clothes. If you seem anyone in the empty homes please call the Sheriffs ASAP.

Burglary in the Arden Park area Week of January 6th
My husband got home and the window in our front door was broken out and when he walked in, the alarm was ripped off the wall.  My husband saw our neighbor across the street and asked if he had seen anything odd and he said he had seen a strange car in our driveway, a tan or gold SUV around noon.  But he was taking down Christmas decor and worked in his garage the rest of the day with his garage door open.  They weren't here long and got hardly anything.  They must have been scared off.  They missed a lot (computers, cameras, jewelry, cash, etc.) and just took a pillowcase, dumped my tray of costume jewelry in it, grabbed an iPod off our valet and took off. We spoke to another neighbor and he said he got home around noon as well and thought he might have heard an alarm, even walking out on his front lawn and looking around.  We don't know if they were scared off my the across the street neighbor or if the alarm scared them off (we have an outdoor alarm as well so that could have scared them).  Who knows.  Anyway, the police came and took a report and CSI is coming to take fingerprints.  The officer said we actually had some good flat surfaces that might give good fingerprints.