Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Last Thursday (September 16th) to the East of your neighborhood (in Carmichael) we had a burglary on our street. What took place is very similiar to past burglaries in the Del Paso Manor area. The following took place on Leoleta just off Mission Avenue near Marconi.

My husband witnessed a maroon CRV pull up in the neighbor's driveway and thought perhaps she was having some work done on her house. The passenger got out and walked to another house and knocked and when the lady answered the door he asked if she had any cans or bottles to recycle. When she said no he left and returned to the house where the CRV was parked. The individual then went to that front door and when no one answered he went to the gate and entered the backyard. My husband then became suspicious and went down to the neighbor next door to where the CRV was parked and asked to go look over the fence. Unfortunately, by now the maroon CRV had driven off. However, when they looked over the fence the sliding glass door had been shattered. Since the individual never came back out front we believe he jumped the fence into the apartments on Marconi and the CRV picked him up there. Unfortunately, they got a jewelry box, Wii, and other misc. small stuff.

Unfortunately, my husband didn't react first by getting a license number on the CRV. The vehicle wasn't more that 2-4 years old and the passenger was white and in his 20's. After speaking to another neighbor on the street we found out that this individual was working the street and also went to another door asking for cans and bottles prior to making his way to the house he eventually broke into.


Friday, September 16th, on the 3800 block of Duran Circle, some fishing equipment was stolen from an open boat parked in a carport. The resident heard someone rummaging through the garbage can but didn't pay any attention as it was recycling day. (Note: law enforcement has asked us to report recycling looters using the non emergency Sheriff's number.) The equipment had been in the boat for several days prior to the theft.


Friday, September 16th on the North side of Marconi, near Montclaire
Sometime after midnight, early Friday morning, a window sample was stolen out of the back of my truck in my driveway in the 2900 block of Burnece (off Darlene/Valkyrie, across the street from Raleys and AT&T on Marconi). I suspect it was the garbage diggers as it was garbage night, or the tweekers in the known meth dealer's duplex near the southwest end of Valkyrie. This was done under full lighting. (Please note, law enforcement has asked us to report recycling looters using the Sheriff's non-emergency line.)

Mail theft

Sunday, September 18th
We were walking our dog this evening around 7pm on Montclaire and found some discarded mail. Upon looking over the bank of the chicken slough creek we saw what seemed to be torn up paper. I climbed down the rocks and recovered opened and torn up mail from two addresses, three people. One address on Stonesiffer Ct. and one on Woodcrest. We returned the mail to the addresses and spoke with people at both residences. Some of this mail was obviously outgoing and had contained checks. I suggest a locking mailbox for incoming, and if you are gone during the day, drop off your outgoing mail.


Monday, September 19th
At approx noon on Monday a blue backpack containing a laptop computer and an iPad was stolen from the bed of a pickup truck on the 2800 block of Verna Way. The resident had put the backpack in the bed of the truck and was shuttling two young children and a dog back and forth to the truck. Apparently someone had observed the activity and the placing of the pack and waited until the resident re-entered the house to steal the pack.

The backpack is described as slightly darker than sky blue and completely blue including zippers and buttons.


On the afternoon of Friday, September 16th, four youths participated in "tagging" the top of the brick plaza sign, at the intersection of Kings, Marilona, and Maryal. A sheriff's deputy hired by mission oaks park district ran them off as loiterers, but was informed of the tagging by a neighbor. They were then detained on Kings Way near Butano, and one of the four was identified as having gang affiliation. Below are pictures of the subjects, and of some of the graffitti.

If you happen to see these or any other people loitering, in an area where they seem out of place call the sheriff's non emergency number, 874-5115.

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Burglary, Pickpocket at Sam's Club

From Chuck:

Thursday night, I heard on "radio," Sac Sheriff North Ch1, that deputies had apprehended some individuals at 3410 Marconi Ave. attempting to strip a vacant house of its copper.

If you have a vacant house near you, and there is activity at odd hours or it appears that that the people are removing anything at any hour, call the sheriff dept. Some of these looters are brazen enough to play on a neighbor's inattention.

Want to listen to the Sacramento County Sheriff and City Police radio? Listen here. It can be useful for figuring out why the helicopter is up.

From a Neighbor

On Saturday, Aug 27, at about 4pm, my wife and daughter were at Sam's Club at Country Club Mall. My wife was standing sideways next to the shopping cart. My wife turned and noticed that her wallet was gone from her purse. She saw an African-American male disappearing around an aisle, carrying her wallet. She yelled and him and chased after him and he dropped it. She stopped to collect her wallet and he escaped out of the store. The manager saw him leave on a bicycle with a backpack.

Just wanted to let you know. Hopefully, Sam's Club will watch for him to see that this doesn't happen again.

There was a discussion on Arden Manor Neighbors about the pointlessness of reporting crime (the gentleman who didn't think reporting did any good had a rather anti-police attitude). Our crime prevention specialist disagrees:

Why to call law enforcement and report crime.

Call to inform of their crime and find out how not to be a victim

All crime reports are read by a Detective Sergeant.

Staffing levels and budgets in Division are based in part on reported crime.

Patrol officers recover stolen identifiable property, which can be returned to the victim.

Suspects can be charged with additional counts of stolen property.

Crimes in a series are pieces of a puzzle that can be linked together. A small piece may tie it all together.

Property without serial numbers/driver’s license numbers may sometimes be identified and returned.

You have very little chance of recovering the property or arresting the suspect if the report is not made.

Call to provide statistical support.

Your call validates why resources are targeted to particular areas.

Your call presents a picture that prompts discussion, better enabling all community partners to contribute, rather than following the view of one single partner.

Your call provides a base to monitor, analyze, predict and measure targeted responses.

Helps to profile types of crime in your area, and establish if these crimes are connected or if we have connected suspect information.

Always report any type of crime, no matter how small.

Deterring Burglary:

Security lighting is a deterrent if you or your neighbors are watching. Decorative yard lights are not security lighting. Lighting is for you to see what’s in your yard and driveway, not your guests or burglars. Point light downward and point it from your house, into your yard, toward the street and driveway. Light does you no good if you can’t see what is in your yard and driveway. If you light up an area and no one is regularly there to watch that area, (neighbors should be able to see your property) it does not benefit you.

The more information that you share, the more you are aware of each other and what is happening on your block. Keep the email and phone lists up to date. Apprise new neighbors of Neighborhood Watch and get them involved.

Keep the group informed if you have a series of crimes, concerns or questions. Provide updated rosters to members when needed. Have a party. Hold an event. Take time to talk with each other. Be good neighbors. Watch out for each other.

Security systems prevent high dollar loss in the event of a burglary. Alarm window or yard signs are of high value as well.

One method of doing this is to replace one screw in each of the hinge plates with a 3" screw. This will reach past the door frame into the 2x4 studs behind the door frame. I firmly believe that plywood/pine frames are the easiest frames to kick in. Check to see what kind of door frame that you have.

A strike plate is the metal piece on the door frame that the deadbolt "throw" goes into. It should be 4 or more inches in length and be mounted with two or more case-hardened screws at least 3 inches long.

Deadbolts are excellent and are recommended on each of your exterior doors. Just remember that deadbolts are only as strong as the material they are installed in. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security just because you have a deadbolt installed.

This type of deadbolt has a keyway on the outside and a turn knob on the inside. It is recommended on all exterior doors. (If there is glass within 40 inches of the door lock, it should be covered with a security grille to prevent reaching through the glass area to unlock it.) The throw bolt should extend at least 1 inch from the edge of the door, and it should have a hardened steel pin inside the throw bolt. The lock should be installed with at least two 1/4 inch case-hardened steel fasteners, and should have a tapered or rotating guard around the key section so that it cannot be compromised with a pair of pliers.

This type of deadbolt is keyed in both the inside and outside, requiring a key to unlock it. It is the same as the single cylinder deadbolt, except the keyway on both sides of the door.

Make sure your doors are locked; even if you plan to be gone for only a few minutes. Even the best locks won't protect you if they aren't used. Most crooks are not professionals. If they can't open the door and walk in then the next best thing to do is smash a window or kick the door in...or go some place else.

Pin hinges are recommended for exterior doors that open out. A hinged door that opens out has the hinge pins on the outside, making it possible to remove the pins and open the door from the hinge side. To prevent this, remove one of the screws of the hinge (on the door frame side) and drive a nail into the hole, leaving the nail exposed 1/2 inch. Then cut off the head of the nail. Remove the matching screw from the other half of the hinge. The nail should now fit into this second hole when the door is closed, connecting the two parts of the hinge and securing the door from being opened by removing a hinge pin from the outside.

INSTALL A 190-DEGREE VIEWER or a "peep hole." It should be installed in all exterior doors where there is no visibility from inside to see who is at the door.

DOUBLE DOOR ENTRANCES that have two swinging doors that close in the middle should have flush bolts installed on one of the doors. These bolts extend up into the frame at the top and down into the floor at the bottom, providing a base to lock the other door to.

If a door has hollow core construction, or that is in weakened condition due to age or weathering, it should be replaced with a strong door with solid hard wood construction.

Doors that are half wood/half window should be replaced or have a security grille installed over the glass part. Install this grille on the inside of the door, or use tamper resistant fasteners, such as round-headed thru-bolts, if installing the grille on the outside. (An alternative to replacing the door would be to install a security wrought iron door on that entrance.)

Install pan head screws in the upper track of the movable panel of all sliding doors. The purpose is to prevent the sliding door from being lifted off the track and removed from the frame when it is in the closed position. These screws have rounded heads and should be installed about 2 feet apart. They should be screwed in so that the door can just barely slide by, while preventing it from being lifted up out of the track. Also cut fitted doweling in the tracks. It should fit snugly. Never use ‘something’ else to keep the door snug. Get fitted doweling on your next trip to the hardware or lumber store.

A Charlie bar is a commercially available device that mounts to the frame opposite the sliding door and swings down behind the door to stop it from sliding. A stick or dowel inserted snugly into the bottom track can be used in much the same way.

With the door in the closed position, drill a small-diameter hole from the inside center frame through into the outside frame, but not through the outside frame. Insert a nail or other sturdy pin. To be most effective the hole should be made at a slight downward angle to prevent the pin from falling out if someone tries to lift the door up out of the frame. Caution: When drilling holes in the frame great care should be taken to avoid drilling into or striking the glass. Tempered glass will frequently shatter on contact with the drill bit.