Monday, November 29, 2010

Dog Poisoning Burglars

Forwarded by Chuck:

My Mom lives by Del Paso Country Club. She received this e-mail today from her neighbor:

“There are some people going around our area, poisoning
dogs, then break into the homes mid-day and robbing them.

Cory's dogs were poisoned two days ago, Cole died and Taffy is barely hanging on but
luckily someone was home and they did not get into his house. A home on
Carson Drive last week lost both their labs. The thieves broken in and stole all
their computers, cameras and other electronics. A total of three homes
have been hit so far in our area.”

This is just awful! I thought people should know in our neighborhood because it is happening right by us. Can you please send this out to everyone?

If I recall correctly, deliberately poisoning a dog is a misdemeanor on its own.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mail Theft

From Chuck:

Yesterday mail was stolen from a mailbox on the 3900 block of Loreto.
The suspects were two young girls in a white SUV. The theft was witnessed by a neighbor, and another neighbor saw this vehicle crusing around. If you happen to notice this vehicle and occupants please collect whatever info you can.

I [Chuck] will notify the post office that these thefts are occurring.

With identity theft rampant, it's an unfortunate reality that it may be time to replace your mailbox with one that locks to provide some slight barrier to thieves.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Car Burglaries, 2800 blocks of Ione and Barbarell

Last night, after 1AM, a vehicle was burglarized on Barbarel. The thieves broke a car window to gain entry and stole a camera and other items which were not in plain view. Another vehicle, 6 houses away on Ione St., was buglarized in a similar fashion and a briefcase was stolen.

It is of note that at one location there was very little lighting.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Auto Burglaries 2400 block of Catalina, Laverne St. and nearby neighborhoods

The Toyota PU reported stolen off Hazelwood was recovered in Carmichael.

Monday, November 8th:

This morning when I went to get in my car I noticed that my son had forgotten to lock his car last night - someone got into it during the night and tried to get his stereo out - they didn't succeed but did break it. Unfortunately this kind of thing happens alot around our area - of course he should have locked his car - and usually does - but to know that someone is walking around our neighborhood checking for unlocked cars really bothers me. Please let everyone know so they can be more vigilent - we live in the 2400 block of Catalina

Tuesday, November 9th:

I guess it was last night or early this morning when someone broke into my car (1999 Honda Accord)parked in my driveway ( La Verne Way ) and:

· broke the driver’s side front window and glass is all over the inside of the car pry marks are on the driver’s side door at the top and side

· stripped the inside panels off all four doors

· emptied the ashtray of my coins (about $3-5 worth)

· went through the glove compartment and the arm rest (front and back) checking for anything to steal

· removed the driver side front tire (fairly new) but left it laying on the ground (why?)

· I cannot get into the trunk to see what is or is not there.

· a lug wrench and its plastic pocket was laying on the ground (I think it might be from the trunk)

· a jack is hold up the front of my car – I assume it is my jack

· stole the battery (about two years old)

· took the caps off the engine block (why?) – could they have poured something down into the block?

· a rug mat was laying several feet away from the car; did they drop it?

· I cannot find the hood prop, but maybe I just didn’t see it I was so upset

Nearby neighborhood incidents, near Mira Loma High School:

Wednesday, November 10th

I received a call from a neighbor on Wood Pointe Circle telling me that his neighbor's Truck Camper Shell was broken into last weekend. He wanted me to let our neighbors know

Near Cowan Fundamental School:

Wednesday, November 10th

Last night a car window was smashed in on Eastwood, here are the details from their email:

I'm on the 3200 block of Eastwood (near the Regent end). This morning I realized that my driver's side window was smashed. I had been parked on the street. I don't think they took anything, but they did go through my change compartments.
I looked outside last night at around 4 am and it looked like my car windows were steamed up, but I didn't think anything of it at the time. I think I may have interrupted the guy, because he didn't take the $5 from my work vest or the can of pepper spray in my glove compartment.
I did file a report with the Sheriff's Office.

As a friendly reminder, please leave your porch lights on at night.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Stolen Vehicle

On Wednesday night, November 3, a vehicle was stolen from Hazelwood Avenue, (across Eastern Avenue).

If seen, please report to the CHP via 911.

A 1988 Toyota 4x4 truck was stolen from Hazelwood Ave. last night. Hazelwood intersects Eastern across from Annette. The owner thinks the thieves must have pushed the vehicle away from the house because it is fairly loud and would have probably woken someone up if it were started in front of the house in the middle of the night.

Here’s a description of the truck:

A white 1988 Toyota extended cab with a bobbed bed, black rims, black steel bumpers, lights in the wheel wells, with fmf and sunoco stickers. Lic # 8V48971.

Thanks again.

Fire Bombing

From Geoff:


On Halloween just after 7:00 pm, someone threw a Molotov Cocktail onto my property and started a small fire.

Witnesses saw the device being thrown from a blue sedan which then turned down Ione Street. The fire was contained to the utility boxes on the outside of my fence on the Eastern Avenue easement and was quickly extinguished by Metro Fire.

If you have any information about this event, please contact the Sacramento Sheriff's Department at 916-874-5115. Their report number is 10-213497SD.

This is the latest in a series of crimes on my property. If you haven't already, please look at and see if you have any information on these criminals.

Stolen Vehicle

1985 GMC Caballero was stolen Oct 28th between the hours of 1am-6pm on Alamitos Way.

1985 light blue Caballero (looks like an El Camino)
License plate: 12500DP
Handicapped Plates
Receiver hitch on back.

It is thought they used the wire from a political sign from the front lawn to jimmy-rig the door handle. This took place next door to the vehicle that was stolen and recovered last week. There might be a connection.

The below is a similar make and model, but not the actual vehicle.


Stolen Vehicle Recovered

Sorry for the bit of backlog. I've been on jury duty. From the past week:

October 29th:

I got my car back the found it in a dentist office on 9121 Folsom Blvd. near Watt.

They broke my steering column and stole my battery and they left a busted up phone booth in the back. I guess they needed a truck to transport their stolen property. They also stole the current registration.

I just found out that they stole my daughter's registration also when they stole her stereo out of her truck last Friday near Woodys in Country Club mall. I don't know why they would take the registrations unless they had the same make and model car? Thanks for your help.

Note: Identity thieves will steal registrations and other personal information from vehicles. It would be wise for your daughter to follow her credit report for the next year.