Thursday, July 29, 2010

Scam and Home Invasion 12 Incidents in the North Area

From Cindy, the North Division's crime prevention specialist:

I would like to take a moment to inform you of a recent scam that is occurring in the North Division. To date there have been at least 12 reported incidents and I suspect there may be additional victims that have not reported it. If you or anybody you know have been approached or victimized by these suspects please don’t hesitate to contact the Sheriff’s Department at 916-874-5115.

I have attached a flyer that explains the suspects’ method of this scam. Please take the time to review it and share it with your friends, family and neighbors that reside in the community.

I would like to remind everybody to always be aware and remember the following:

* Use deadbolts and keep exterior doors locked at all times, even when you
are at home
* NEVER let stranger in your home under any circumstances
* Avoid keeping large amounts of cash in your home unprotected
* Be aware of people and vehicles in your neighborhood and around your home
* Be wary of strangers; trust your instincts
* Be skeptical of any proposal that sounds to good to be true
* Acknowledge strangers at your door while keeping the door closed and locked
* Get to know your neighbors and keep their phone numbers handy for emergencies
* Be especially skeptical of:

o Get rich quick schemes
o Requests to exchange money or make change
o Offers to make or help you with home repairs
o Door-to-door schemes
o Requests to use your phone or restroom

If you believe you have been victim of fraud or been scammed call the Sheriff’s Department immediately. You may be embarrassed because you were tricked but your information is vital in catching these con artists and preventing others from being victimized

The flyer:


Between May 13 and July 2, 2010 there have 12 reported incidents of scams that are all very similar and have resulted in theft and residential burglary.

The general perimeter where these crimes have occurred is Whitney Avenue to Greenback Lane and Watt Avenue to San Juan Avenue.

The common themes for these incidents are as follows:

One to four suspects contact an elderly person at their residence; discuss a broken or damaged fence, a broken buried water pipe, or trees that require trimming. Thus far, the age of the victims has ranged from 73 to 96. The suspect will offer the victim a folded $100 bill in exchange for $50 for the repair or labor cost (the $100 bill has not been passed) and eventually a seen or unseen suspect enters the victim’s home and steals money. The most recent event involved the theft of firearms, jewelry, and a jewelry box.

A suspect has returned to a victim’s home wherein he posed as an undercover officer investigating the previous crime and subsequently stole money from within the residence. In a separate incident a suspect returned shortly after the crime scene investigator concluded their investigation. The suspect forcibly entered the home, shoved the elderly victim and her mentally disabled daughter before he stole their money.

If you are approached at your home in this manner, please call 911 as soon as possible.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Daylight Burglary on the 2800 Block of Becerra Way

Kim writes:

I am on Becerra Way - was broken into on July 16, between 7 am and 4:30 pm. They broke down two doors and took a black duffle bag, digital camera, ipod, a took box with tools, jewelry and two little wooden bar stools (weird). I guess I will be installing an alarm.

Remember to watch for suspicious activity in your area.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Need Gas" con--potential for home invasion

From Lynn on July 5th:

At about 1:00 PM today (July 5), I had my front door open (and locked) on the Eastern side of Duran Circle, when a nice Gold Metallic medium sized truck pulled up in front and began honking his horn to get me to come outside. A man approximately in his 40s was waving "hi" at me like he was an old friend and had a light-brown complexed woman with blond hair with him. He wanted to know if my husband was home, and when he would be back (I'm widowed). He then began telling me he was the grandson of "Rose" down the street (and pointed to the house where an senior male adult does reside with his wife) and that her husband had a respiratory attack last night, had to be taken to Davis Hospital, and then was transferred to Santa Rosa. He wanted gas money to get to Santa Rosa. He was telling me Santa Rosa had special equipment he needed that Davis didn't have. When I refused him, he had that was alright, and pointed down to Larry's house, and said "Paul" would help him out. I called Larry, and said there weren't any "Paul"s around his house or a Gold Metallic truck outside.

Please pass this to the neighborhood Alert list - BOLO! Larry suggested I contact you to put out an alert.

Lynn, another incident, of the same type (ish) occured on Villa Vista. on Tuesday, July 6th. The vehicle was a smaller red pickup and was occupied by a short stocky male with black hair and mustache, and in his 40's. In both cases the individuals tried to convince the intended victims that they knew someone local and requested a favor or assistance.