Sunday, August 21, 2011

Door to Door casing of homes, robbery

Resent by Chuck, incident also reported at the Arden Manor Neighbors FB group by a Mayfair resident:

Everyone needs to keep an eye out for 2 husky built men going door to door together, one Caucasian and one African American. Yesterday the mail man told me that a resident down Mayfair witnessed an attempted robbery by these men. They are going door to door in the middle of the day seeking unattended houses. This morning I noticed an early 90's model light brown Toyota(?) truck that I have never seen before parked out front of my house. A large African American male with a bald head walked up towards my house with a phone book in a ripped orange plastic bag. My house looked like no one was home because the cars were gone but when he heard my dogs and saw me he tossed the bag and hopped in his car and drove off. He may have been just a delivery man but why did no one else on my street get a phone book? How random and very suspicious. Everyone needs to take extra precautions while they are away from their homes. I notified the police right away.

Two houses on Mayfair got broken into recently, one through a bathroom window. I compared what I witnessed with another neighbor and the description seems to be the same man. I was checking out my house to see what could of caught his eye, I had my front window wide open. This neighborhood used to be safe.