Monday, December 28, 2009

Vehicle Burglaries

On Saturday night, December 26th, two separate incidents of vehicle burglaries occurred on Lasuen. One was on the 3900s block, the other at the corner of Lasuen and Kings way. Both involved breaking of windows to gain entry. A sweater and change were stolen from one vehicle. A tool box, ear phones, notebook, and other loose items were stolen from the second vehicle. (Note: This isn't much to steal at all--be sure to stow any loose items out of sight in your car.)

If you do not subscribe to the sheriff department's cyberwatch ( there has been an increase in home/business and vehicle burglaries recently.

For information: several individuals contracted by PG&E are walking through the neighborhood with gas "sniffers," to look for leaks. Apparently the judgment from the the gas explosion in Rancho Cordova got them interested. The two men I encountered today are white males wearing reflective yellow vests and ID. They drive a white Ford full-size pickup with a small decal stating they are a company, (Dan Fitzgerald), contracted to PG&E. One individual has a large dark Mastiff dog (well behaved) walking with him

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Thefts

On December 20th about 10:30am a black Honda with a Hispanic male about 200 lbs in all black clothing with a white shirt came screaming down Roslyn way from El Camino. By the time he reached my house [which is several houses down from El Camino] he was driving about 60 to 70 MPH. Then a blue Ford Explorer raced right after the black Honda as I was screaming for them to slow down. About 20 or 30 min. went by, then the blue explorer pulled up and apologized for racing down our street. It was their car that was stolen and they where trying to catch him or follow until the police could take over but he ditched the car in Raley's parking lot before they could catch up.

On December 18th a white 1995 Honda sedan was stolen from 2800 block of Becerra. This is the second "known" Honda stolen in this area. If you own a 90's Honda you might use the "club" or some other theft deterrent device. The last one was recovered in Citrus Heights, virtually unscathed. (Maybe just taken for a joy ride.) There was also an apparent attempted theft of a Honda on the 2600 block of Verna, the same night as the Vutano theft, but the owners scared the individual away.

Last Saturday night/Sunday morning several vehicles were broken into on Carrisa, and Becerra. Tools and electronic equipment were stolen. At least one vehicle was locked, but access was gained through a locked camper window

On Friday Dec. 11th we had a 8' inflatable moose stolen from our front yard at 4100s block of Marconi Ave. In the process they also ripped down about 40' of candy cane fence which they destroyed. The next night they came back some time between midnight and 4am and took three more inflatables. One was a snowman on a motorcycle with penguins in a side car, another was a Grinch that was animated coming out of a chimney and the last one was another Grinch pulling a Christmas tree out of a chimney. I'm sure everyone in Del Paso Manor is familiar with my house at the corner of Marconi and Avalon. Due to the thieves in the neighborhood I was forced to take down the rest of my inflatables. I would like everyone to be aware of your surroundings.