Thursday, July 11, 2013

Multiple Incidents

3800 block of Kings Way

Friday night/Saturday morning, a resident had their car egged on the 3800 block of Kings Way.  This is the second egging in a month.

Kings Way/Marilona Corridor
Sometime Sunday Night/Monday Morning (July 8th),  5 traffic control signs were knocked down on Kings Way/Marilona.  So far, there are no witnesses, so it's not clear if a person or vehicle did it.  Sac county was very fast at putting the signs back up.

3800 block of Duran Circle
Visiting relatives of residents had their truck burglarized.  A toolbox was removed.

3921 el camino (vacant house for sale)
On Friday, June 28th, a white male adult, approx 26 yrs old, 6ft-6'2" tall was encountered at approx 9pm. The individual had some items that he said that he had found in a garbage can (garbage pick up was that morning) this individual was informed that the sheriff's department was on its way, and that the house had been broken into previously.  He stated that he had a prior burglary conviction, as I was the only one there and the sheriff wouldn't respond to this type of call on a Friday night, when the temperature was over 100 degrees, I told him to leave.

The items are in the attachments:   motorcycle windshield, seat, jacket and a backpack that had a receipt from Rite Aide on Truxel Road dated 12-29-1987.   This individual has been seen at the "flophouse" located at 2612 Butano, with a bicycle pulling a trailer.

 photo 6-28-1310.jpg

 photo 6-28-131.jpg

4100 Block of Marconi
Tuesday, 07/09  a white male driving a white Toyota (Possibly a Corolla), parked in the neighbor's driveway and walked through the side gate of the vacant residence, returned within a minute, got into his vehicle and left.  Unfortunately, my camera did not have an adequate lens to capture the license plate.  The neighbors were alerted to this activity.

For a full-sized image to see all the details, click this link which will redirect you to photobucket.

 photo P7091134.jpg

Please note that thieves in nearby neighborhoods are stripping any metals from abandoned homes, causing thousands of dollars in damage and making the homes unsalable.  Permanent vacancies in our neighborhood will decrease property values and invite more criminal activity and squatters.  Call the police if you see such activity!
Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is pleased to announce a partnership with the California Product Stewardship Council and Sacramento leaders in the "Don’t Rush to Flush" campaign. The Sheriff’s Department is proudly hosting one of six pharmaceutical secured drop-off bins where unused or expired medication can be properly disposed of safely and conveniently.

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs, pet medications and medicated ointments can be collected at this host location as long as they are properly packaged. Information regarding packaging and additional drop off bin sites can be found at the Don’t Rush to Flush website at

The Sheriff’s North Patrol Division is located at 5510 Garfield Avenue and drop offs are accepted between 9:30AM-4:30PM.

Found dog, (chihuahua) on Loreto near Kings and Carrisa.

Attached is a picture of an apparently healthy male dog found in the neighborhood.

He's a little skittish, but he warms up.

E-mail for phone number, as we don't want to post it publicly.

 photo P7101140.jpg

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Additions to previous posts

Additional Information on the Aggressive Scavenger 

Of the license plate of the navy blue truck in the aggressive scavenger (last post), Chuck adds:  California commercial plates have a number first followed by a letter and 5 numbers until recently where there are 5 numbers a letter and a number.  This plate was apparently used as a way to hide the identity of the truck's owner.

I was careful obtaining the plate number (which is how I was spotted doing it).  The plate was older, blue background with gold letters/numbers.  More important is that if you see the man (50's, gray hair and beard) in his early 90's model Navy Blue Ford Extended Cab stealing recycling, don't let him see you as he becomes aggressive.  Just call the police.  If you can get the license plate to confirm, that's fine, too.  If the plate is a misdirect, then he'll be doubly cautious about attracting police attention and may not return to our neighborhood.

Additional information on the Casing Incident on Marilona
Chuck talked to the resident and found out this was more than casing.  The occupant of this vehicle removed a window screen and was checking the house for occupancy when the residents returned and announced themselves.  Reportedly, there was another individual involved.  (How a second individual was involved is not clear).