Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Suspicious activity/scavenger

At approximately midnight on Sunday the 13th of January, a "large, possibly Hispanic male," was seen moving North on Carrisa searching through garbage cans and peering into vehicle windows.  The Sheriff's department was called, but no one noted a response.

The garbage cans were not on the street but up at the houses.  At the very least, this prowler was trespassing but by looking into car windows he makes it clear he's a potential burglar.

One trick that may help in the future if you see something like this is to hit the panic alarm button for your vehicle.  This can drive off a prowler without you showing yourself.

The reporting party tried to call several of the neighbors to alert them, but the calls went unanswered.  A call in the middle of the night might be an inconvenience, but open lines of communication can help protect our neighborhood.

Also, note that even if we don't see a response in this case, the Sheriff's department has responded to these calls in the past and reporting of crime and suspicious activity will increase Sheriff patrols in our neighborhood in the future--it's always worth the call.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Please watch for scavengers tomorrow and call the Sheriff's Department

Chuck sent a timely reminder:

As tomorrow is garbage pickup, "recyclers" will be out to see what you got for Christmas.  Be sure to shred any boxes that held expensive gifts. 

Call 874-5115 (Sheriff's Department nonemergency number), if you see people going through your cans.

Why  not let people scavenge?

http://delpasomanor.blogspot.com/2009/06/recycling-scavengers.html Under the special note.  Allowing this activity is a quick way to decrease your safety and property values.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fire and Looting, 2800 block of Becerra
At approximately 4 AM on Wednesday, December 26th, a neighbor's home caught fire and was virtually destroyed.  The residents were not hurt, but a cat was lost in the fire.

A second cat is missing, it is a smallish, gray and white tabby, named beatle. She was wearing a blue collar with a tag.

Iin the days since this fire the house has reportedly been looted on 4 occasions.  A chain link fence has been erected to help prevent any more of this, but you're encouraged to call the Sheriff's Department if you see more looting.

The cause of the fire was linseed oil soaked rags.
For further info on this hazard, Chuck attached a link below.  [Note:  I didn't get Chuck's link to work, so substituted.]



On Friday and Saturday,  December 28th and 29th, someone egged several vehicles on the 2800 block of Ione.


A Carrie Ann doll was found on Maryal Drive near DPM elementary.  If you are the owner or know who is, please contact Chuck.  It is ceramic, in perfect condition and under the care of another neighbor.  Found on December 26th.

Vehicle Burglary on the 2500 block of Andrade 30-31 December
A car was broken into late on the 30th or early on the 31st.  The passenger side window was smashed and the car was ransacked.  Items stolen included all my maps (weird!),  7-8 CDs, sunglasses and some other small items.