Saturday, August 2, 2014

Minor Format Change

I've updated the format with the intent to provide a bit more space for text and perhaps to make posts easier to read.  I hope you like it!

Several Events

My sincere apologies for posting delays.  Issues arose that prevent posting for a while.

Daylight Burglary, June 12th on Lapaz Drive
Between 9:00 and 9:30 AM, a burglar jumped a fence, cut a screen to open a window and entered a house.  A lookout posing as a vacuum cleaner demonstrator walked from house to house on the block.

The lookout was described as a cleanly dressed black male adult wearing a white shirt, dark jeans, and white shoes. (resembling Kobe Bryant according to the witness).  The lookout walked from house to house, skipping houses that had cars in the driveway (behavior consistent with casing houses).  A resident noted that the lookout appeared to be texting, probably keeping the burglar updated.  The lookout went to the victim's door and was admitted by the burglar.  The resident witnessing this called 911, and the Sheriff's department responded with a few minutes.  
During this time, a plumb-colored sports car had parked in front of the house.  The resident didn't see anyone enter the vehicle, but heard it drive away prior to the sheriff's arrival.  The Sheriff's department set up a perimeter and sent in their k-9 unit.  The burglars had left with a TV.  They had also staged a pillowcase with jewelry in it under the couch.  Crime scene investigators came to take fingerprints.
Chuck's Advice:
While you don't need to answer the door for solicitors, be sure to call through the door that you're not interested.  Most burglars aren't looking for confrontation and will move on.  Exchange best contact numbers with neighbors you trust so you can keep each other updated if something does happen.  Lock your gates and use double cylinder deadbolts on your front doors.  Other helpful devices include motion sensing lights, driveway alarms and other products designed to protect your home, but nothing can replace an alert neighbor willing to call the police to report suspicious activity or a crime in progress.
Solicitors, 3800 Block of Duran Circle, June 9th
From a resident:  A woman in a red shirt with dirty brown hair in a pony tail knocked on our door to ask if our car was for sale.   We do we have a for sale sign on a car and she looked a bit rough,  so we were suspicious.  She went back to her champagne colored car, perhaps a Toyota, driven by a man with a young child in the back and drove off, turning right onto La Paz from Duran Circle.  I stood at the window with my camera phone trying to get a photo but I didn't.  They did see me doing that though.
Recycling Thieves, 2500 Block of Cambon, June 9th
The below photo is a picture of a van with two African Americans, female driver and the male that goes through your garbage and recycle.  I have seen them around this area for over a year now on recycle day.  It is a dark green van, when he is confronted he runs and jumps in the sliding door.  They drive around with the door open so he can get in and out quickly.

 If that picture looks familiar, it should.  We have a better photograph of the van from in this post (linked here). 
Remember to call the Sheriff's Department non-emergency number.  Stealing recycling is a crime.  From the other post, the van's license plate appears to be 5WVP982.  Give it to the Sheriff's department.  Even if these people have fled, they can be caught.  A pullover would probably keep them out of our neighborhood in the future.
Neighboring Area
Drive By Shooting
From a friend who lives on Whitney near Becerra -
Tuesday 5/27 around 2:20 p.m.

While returning home this afternoon from a quick bike trip for some shed parts at Emigh Hardware, I nearly became involved in a drive by shooting at the corner of Watt and Whitney.

A BMW SUV was being chased South bound on Watt Ave. by at least two men in a white sedan. The BMW pulled into the corner 7-11, the sedan followed and fired off 4 shots into the driver's side door, window, and rear tire, then sped off Eastbound on Whitney Avenue, right past my place!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Daytime Home Burglary 07-12-2014 9AM (2800 Block La Paz Way)

One suspect (Tall, thin, African American, late twenties dressed in white shirt, levis, white shoes) came to the neighborhood going door to door.  One lady had answered her door and the guy said he was a vacuum salesman.  He walked by a few more houses knocking, but skipped houses with cars in the driveway and when there was no answer on one went into the backyard.  Even though there was a dog present the suspect gained access through a window where he then opened the front door for another individual.  The car that was used was a Plum colored sedan with tinted windows.  Sacramento Sheriff officers arrived within minutes after the suspects left.

(Thank you to the concerned neighbor for sending this in, sorry for the delay in posting--I was out of town and it wouldn't post from my phone.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Suspicious activity, Attempted Gas Theft

From the Cowan Group:
On Monday morning (April 7th)  at 3:23 AM, a man was walking down Becerra Way (with a gas can) toward Whitney Ave, coming from the direction of Cowan.  Shortly before he entered our driveway, a car turned onto Becerra from Whitney Ave.  The driver saw the man walking, made a U turn down by Cowan, then stopped in front of our house and put their hazard lights on.  The car then stayed there for a few minutes.  The man ran away toward Whitney Ave.  Before the car came back and stopped, the man had removed the gas cap on our truck and was attempting to syphon gas.  The man was not successful.  THANK YOU to the good Samaritan!!  What perfect timing!!  (We had just filled the tank the night before.)

It is a great feeling that the people in our neighborhood are staying aware, choosing to take action and looking out for each other. Much appreciated!
As always, if they try it in a nearby neighborhood, Del Paso Manor should be on the watch, too.  With gas prices high again, it's likely we'll see similar things.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Car Burglary, Suspicious Activity

Car Burglary (2600 block of Butano)
Last Sunday Morning (March 30) at approximately 3AM:
The rear windows of a neighbor's truck were broken out.  It's suspected that a spring-loaded center punch was used to shatter the safety glass.  Tools valued at over $600 were stolen from the truck.  The thieves appear to have been aware that the vehicle was alarmed and so accessed the tools through the rear extended cab windows to avoid setting it off (note to thieves:  some car alarms are shock sensitive, so accessing through rear windows will still set off the alarm).  Neighborhood consensus is that this theft might be related to a known problem house at 2612 Butano.
Suspicious Person/Activity
Thursday Morning (April 3rd) at approximately 8:15 AM
A neighbor walking home from DPM school with a friend noticed an unfamiliar woman in the access area to the DPMWD well near Kings Way, Maryal and Marilona.  The woman was standing alone and texting.  The neighbor found the location of the woman suspicious and so called the Sheriff's Department.  A patrol vehicle was seen about a half hour later at approximately 8:45 AM, but no further information is available.  Chuck adds a helpful suggestion:  If you've called the Sheriff's Department, you may ask for a disposition of the call and they will return your call and let you know what they found or did.
Suspicious Vehicle (DPM School Parking Lot at Avalon/Maryal)
Wednesday Morning (April 2nd) at approximately 4:45 AM
While out on an early morning walk, a neighbor noticed a vehicle in the DPM parking lot near the tennis courts.  It was occupied by a female, and no one else was seen in or around the vehicle at that time.  After the neighbor passed and was proceeding toward Kings Way, the vehicle started and proceeded up Maryal.  As the vehicle approached the neighbor, a previously unobserved or previously not present passenger rolled down the window and yelled at the resident.  This passenger was a black male adult.  The vehicle was described as a white or silver hatchback, possibly a Subaru.  It had no rear license plate (note that this merits a call to the Sheriff's Department immediately, as that's not legal and probably indicates a stolen vehicle).  The car proceeded west on Kings Way.
Suspicious Activity
Wednesday, April 2nd at approximately 1:00 AM on Carrisa (mid-block)
Several neighbors were alerted by noises and the activation of a motion-activated floodlight (quick note--these are wonderful, if you can afford to install them in darker areas around your home, please do and help make the neighborhood safer).  No one was observed, but it was apparent there was an intruder.
Suspicious Person/Activity
Sunday, March 30th at approximately 5:00 PM on Kino St.
A black male adult wearing a red and white sports jacket was walking on Kino and was stopped by a neighbor who conversed with him.  The man walked up and down the street and entered the property of an absent resident.  The neighbor then reengaged the man and advised him that he was unfamiliar in the neighborhood and should leave before the Sheriff's Department was called.  The man left.  (Note:  Please do call the Sheriff's Department and report the incident anyway.  Reports will lead to increased patrols in our neighborhood, which helps suppress this kind of activity.)
NOTE:  If you see any activity that seems suspicious to you, please call the Sheriff's Department's non-emergency number, 874-5115.  Naturally if you see a crime in progress, call 911.  It can be dangerous to engage an unfamiliar suspicious person, so use caution if you feel you must and leave it to the Sheriff's Deputies if possible.
Per Chuck, we're seeing more criminal activity in our neighborhood after a bit of a break.  Vigilance is key to stopping that and making it clear to criminals that our neighborhood is not a good place to commit crimes.  Always use caution investigating suspicious situations, and don't hesitate to call the Sheriff's Department.  They're the professionals trained in dealing with these situations.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Car Break-ins, Car Theft

Two Incidents in the DPM Neighborhood:

Car Burglary

Last Wednesday (03/26/2014)), a car on the 2600 block of Watson St. (near Eastern Avenue) was broken into.  The owner believes the car was locked.  No windows were smashed and there were no signs of forced entry.  New golf clubs were stolen as was insurance paperwork.

Car Theft

Today (Thursday 04/03/2014) a family on Verna Way went out to find their Black 1996 Nissan Sentry GXE stolen.  It may have happened overnight.  

If you see the car that was stolen, or have any information on the burglary, please call the police or contact me at

Cowan Group:

Hello neighbors,

Two incidents that happened on Saturday night.

Both great examples of looking out for each other.

Please see emails below.

Just wanted to let you know that our truck that was parked in our driveway (Woodcrest and Eastwood) was broken into last night sometime between 10 pm and 9am this morning.   The back passenger window was smashed to gain access and they tore apart our dash to take the in dash gps/radio module.   They didn't touch anything else that was in the cab, including power tools.    Seems they knew what they were doing and exactly what they wanted.   

A alert and nice neighbor called me this morning to say she had noticed two vehicles parked on our property on Robertson Avenue. I called the sheriff then we drove to the house.
At least one of the vehicles was stolen. A man and a woman were arrested for possession of stolen property and trespassing. The two individuals were sleeping in the car(s) and did not break into the house.

The sheriff officers responded in a timely manner and were very professional.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Scam and Cowan Group Incidents

We had been very quiet for some time.  Most of the incidents to report are for the Cowan group, but note that they're close neighbors so things happening there can easily happen here.

DPM Area:  Scam (Week of March 03)

We've had a scam reported similar  to a previous incident.  To refresh the last one,  a person posed as the new next door neighbor on Duran Circle and said that he needed money for a tow truck because his mother was in an accident.  The elderly victims gave the scammer $40.  

The current incident happened on Lausen at 1030PM.  A man came to a resident's door and tried to convince the older woman that he was the son of a neighbor down the street.  He claimed to be Alex and said his mother's name was Joan.  He also said that his mother was in an accident at Watt and Arden.  The lady said that she didn't know anyone named Joan or Alex, said goodnight and closed the door. 

The Sheriff's department suggested that it is better not to open the door to a stranger at that hour.  The neighbor thinks that "Alex" was in his mid 20's to mid 30's.  There was a vehicle out front, belonging to "Alex," but the neighbor couldn't give a description.  Note that the description of this scammer does not match the description of the one on Duran Circle, which means this is a scam many people are aware of and willing to try.

From Chuck:  TIP:  KEEP YOUR CURTAINS, OR BLINDS CLOSED AT NIGHT!  Otherwise, anyone outside can see into your house and note your appearance and routines.  Rather than opening the door to a stranger, offer to call the police for them.

Cowan Neighborhood Reports

March 4th e-mail:
March 3rd there was a man going through the neighborhood looking for unlocked cars.  Thanks to two neighbors he was flushed out of the neighborhood.

Last week there were kids drinking at [Cowan] school that were chased off by a neighbor on Becerra.
Last night (3/3) about 11:15pm, I caught someone breaking into a friend’s unlocked car in front of my house on Regent.  I chased him East towards Brookwood.  He dropped the stuff he took in front of  a house at Regent and Brookwood and continued running towards North Edge and Brookwood corner.  Another neighbor and I drove around the neighborhood but couldn't locate the guy.  I contacted a friend in the Sheriff’s department to let them know.  They were busy and couldn't immediately respond.

The guy was a white male, mid-twenties, about 6 feet tall.  He was wearing black cargo shorts, a white t-shirt and a black baseball hat.
March 5th e-mail:
This morning we went out to find that someone had been on our front porch and stole potted plants as well as a concrete birdbath from the garden right beside our porch. They must have been frightened off by someone as we found one potted plant still lying in the yard and they dropped some playing cards.  Tom had left his car unlocked but luckily had taken out his tools and phone so it doesn't seem that they got anything there.  Another reminder why it's always a good reason to lock your car! 

Let me reiterate:  Lock your car.  If you have a porch light, leave it on at night.  A motion-activated driveway light is a great idea, too.

March 11th e-mail:
I just wanted to inform you that my next door neighbor had her catalytic converter stolen last week (the night of the really big storm w/lightning -- Wednesday night, March 5th) from her Toyota Sequoia that was parked on her driveway on Jo Ann Drive.

We'd had a respite from catalytic converter thefts, but any time metal prices rise, they'll happen again.  Please note that California has strict requirements for replacing your catalytic converter.  Repairing a thief's damage can cost more than $1,500.  If you see someone under someone else's SUV, call the sheriff's department!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Abductions around Marconi Avenue

I don't have many details on this, but have been relayed verbal reports of 3 abductions in our area near Marconi Avenue.  Two were in the early morning hours (around 4:30 AM) and one in the evening (around 9 PM).  More details would be welcomed!  The abductions were of adult women, not of children.

If you walk for exercise in the area, please be sure to bring a buddy and make sure someone knows your whereabouts, your route and your estimated walking time.

Break ins, burglary

Car Burglary, Cowan Group
During the week of December 16th on Woodcrest a car window was smashed and unknown suspects grabbed what little was in the car.  It was an older white Honda or Toyota. The driver was a younger male with blonde hair, and wearing a beanie.

Car Burglary, Cowan Group
Christmas Eve day (12/24) there were two women in a white older four door Audi around 4:30 PM that smashed a window and stole Christmas gifts from a SUV. This happened on Eastwood.

Suspicious Activity/Recycling Theft, Cowan Group
The women and man from last month that use recycling as their MO were seen a few times in the neighborhood. I called the police on her two weeks ago, but they never got her. The Sheriff who showed up was not very friendly nor responsive to this. They have been seen many times in the early hours by walkers. The Sheriffs have been called every time but have never caught up to them. They have been seen looking into cars and garage side windows. They again are a middle aged white couple, skinny, and on bikes. The women will typically put her coat hood on when she has been spotted.

Abandoned Home Used for Recycling Theft, Cowan Group
Last thing is the abandoned home on Regent. People are using it to store recyclables on Thursday/Friday recycle weeks. They have been also seen hanging out there too. They will leave trash behind from food and clothes. If you seem anyone in the empty homes please call the Sheriffs ASAP.

Burglary in the Arden Park area Week of January 6th
My husband got home and the window in our front door was broken out and when he walked in, the alarm was ripped off the wall.  My husband saw our neighbor across the street and asked if he had seen anything odd and he said he had seen a strange car in our driveway, a tan or gold SUV around noon.  But he was taking down Christmas decor and worked in his garage the rest of the day with his garage door open.  They weren't here long and got hardly anything.  They must have been scared off.  They missed a lot (computers, cameras, jewelry, cash, etc.) and just took a pillowcase, dumped my tray of costume jewelry in it, grabbed an iPod off our valet and took off. We spoke to another neighbor and he said he got home around noon as well and thought he might have heard an alarm, even walking out on his front lawn and looking around.  We don't know if they were scared off my the across the street neighbor or if the alarm scared them off (we have an outdoor alarm as well so that could have scared them).  Who knows.  Anyway, the police came and took a report and CSI is coming to take fingerprints.  The officer said we actually had some good flat surfaces that might give good fingerprints.