Sunday, May 29, 2011

More info on the "Hauling Service" attempted burglary

Around 9:00am today (Friday 5/27), an older brown pickup backed into the driveway of a home in Carmichael. The pickup had plywood sides and the name of a hauling company on the side. The license plate was muddy and unreadable. The sign on the side of the truck read: Wee Haul (916) 470-7977 (more on this at the bottom).

Attached is a picture of the truck.

Two men got out: one was a white man, yellow/white hair, approximately 60 years old wearing glasses, jeans, and a green t-shirt. The other was a hispanic man in his thirties with dark skin, wearing a dark long-sleeved shirt and jeans.

The older white male went to the front door and attempted to open it (he did not knock or ring the bell). He appeared to put a key in the lock. A relative of the homeowner was in the house and called out "who is this?" The man was clearly surprised and said something about the address and hastily headed to the truck.

A neighbor who had been suspicious upon seeing the truck back into the driveway came over to investigate and confronted the older, white man who said, "tell the lady I'm sorry I tried to open her door." They then took off, heading south on Eastern past Whitney.


While it is possible that this was an honest mistake, there are two burning questions:
1. If they had really just gone to the wrong address, why didn't he just say he was there to do a job?
2. If they had misread the address, why did they leave the area completely when confronted?
3. In what instance would a hauling company open a front door without knocking?

I looked up Wee Haul and found them listed through several different services. Their address is listed as 5008 El Camino Ave, # 1, Carmichael, CA. I drove by 5008 El Camino and it's a Stop N Shop store on the south side of El Camino near Walnut. #1 appears be the building behind Stop N Shop, which looked like a house. I even looked at the Google satellite image for that address and there is a brown pickup with wood bed sides parked behind the Stop N Shop (link to satellite image)

The BBB has the contact person for Wee Haul listed as Mr. Gregg Sparkman (Owner).

Wee Haul

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