Sunday, April 21, 2013

Car Burglaries, Suspicious Activity, Robbery, Felons arrested

Car Burglaries  3700 block of Duran Circle  April 10th-11th

The interiors of several cars at adjacent homes on Duran circle were ransackedThe crook seemed to be looking for specific items as he/she went through the vehicles laying out items on the seats.  The glove compartments and the center consoles were left open, after the crimes.
"E-waste/recycle" pick-up, April 15th
Many of you may have had posted on your house or car a yellowish notice about an e-waste pick-up on Monday.  One neighbor had called the number listed at the bottom twice.  The person who picked up said they have been called many times and that they were not related to any pick-up.  The neighbor contacted one of the distributors of the flyers, and she called the number and got Pedro, who was doing the pick-up.  I called the number and spoke to an hispanic individual who he said that he was doing the pick-up.  On the flyer, they ask you to fill out your name and address for the pick-up of televisions, and monitors, or there will be no pick-up.  I wouldn't recommend giving out this information, as the operation seems shady at best.  The recycling of e-waste can be very profitable, which is why people are willing to do it for free.  Many local groups run fund raising e-waste pick-ups or donation areas that are less suspect.
Update on the Marconi Self-Storage Facility
The Marconi self-storage facility was to open as of April 15, as reported by Chris, who will be the on-site attendant.  Chris mentioned that he will be allowing the Sheriff's department K-9 units to run their dogs though, to keep out the riffraff.

Robbery, April 20th at Safeway (Arden and Watt)
Reported by one of our neighbors:  Please be on alert!  I was at Safeway today, the one on Arden and Watt when a couple of women who pretended to be nice stole my wallet out of my purse.  One distracted me while the other lifted my wallet.  I thought they were mother and daughter, one was in their late 20s and the other in their mid to late 40s (both black).  I have spent all day cancelling cards and Monday will need to replace my drivers license and military ID card.  They immediately went to Ross and charged over $700 in merchandise before the card company could cancel.

Editor's note:  I'm sure you have, but please make a report to the Sheriff's department on this.  Then you should immediately freeze your credit files with the three bureaus.

Here's a handy guide on credit freezing and thawing:

It is nice it has been a while since I have sent out an email, no problems to report until now.
April 10th:
Last night a little after 6 PM, I heard a car go tearing by our house. The car then lost control and spun out on our neighbors lawn, barely missing their cars in their driveway, and tearing up their front lawn. The car took off and left the scene. It was great because their were many neighbors who saw it and reacted. We were able to get a plate and description for the CHP. It was a darker blue Mitsubishi two door that had three male teenagers in it. My Dad and I saw them pull over on Norris and Whitney to look at the car damage. they then left through the Robertson and Hancock area. The CHP came and took a report and are looking for the car.
Here is the update from last night:
The boy came back and apologized and will be fixing everything. This new 16 year old driver learned many great life lessons when the CHP knocked his door.
Applies to our group as well:

Please email anything for the neighborhood. I always try and get things out ASAP.
The purpose of this list is to keep us all informed. With the summer fast approaching  CRIME INCREASES and WE ALL need to be aware and INVOLVED.
PLEASE get your neighbors on this list. Reassure them it is only neighborhood news and never is political nor sales related.

Attempted Car Burglary, April 12
On Friday (4/12) night a neighbor woke up in the middle of the night to hear people outside.  This started around 2AM.  They were awoken by a car driving by slowly.  These neighbors watched the vehicle drive down the street.  Then 10-15 minutes later this same white Chevy Tahoe was driving by again. Again, these neighbors heard it, went to their window, and watched them leave.  The third time the car drove by a white male got out and went to Dean's white work truck, at the corner of Regent and Brookwood.  Robert came out of the house with a flashlight asking them what they were doing and they left on foot.
The neighbors were proactive and called the Sheriff's department right away.
They were arrested as they left the neighborhood. The criminals had items in their car to siphon gas and were wanted for other felony arrest warrants.
Way to go Robert and Veronica!  This is why I always recommend to check out your windows if you get up or are awoken in the middle of the night.  Most vehicle break ins and theft of catalytic converters happen between 1 AM and 4 AM in the morning here.  I hope we are all more alert as summer is fast approaching and vehicle break ins increase.

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