Sunday, December 1, 2013

Multiple Incidents (Catching up)

October Car Burglaries
We had a car break in October 29th on the 2500 block of Catalina. They left all of the doors and trunk open. (Car doors were left unlocked).  The house down the street on the left hand side close to LaSuen has a car that is parked outside that always has its lights on with somebody in it at 4 or 5 am.  When I head to the gym, the light is on in the car.  [Note, I'm not sure of the significance of the car with its lights on--if this is every morning, it's probably a resident who rises early.]

On the night of October 29-30, there was a car burglary on the 2600 block of
Andrade and another one on the night of October 7th on the 2800 block of Alamitos.
 In both cases the vehicles were left unlocked and the thieves, took what was available to them.

Please remember to file a report with the sheriff dept at this address unless you have an emergency such as a crime in progress--then dial 911.  No matter how small the crime may seem, more reports mean more patrols, which can reduce crime in our neighborhood.

Vandalism, September 17th in the afternoon
On the 2800 block of Avalon a vandal spray painted "Give up, God is here" on the side of a home in red paint.  They also painted what appears to be the Eye of Providence, or eye within a triangle.

 photo P9191946.jpg

From the Cowan Neighborhood Watch Group:
Home Burglary
At 2:50 AM this morning (November 20) I was awoken by a loud metal noise.  I went to go see, and too my surprise it was right next to our home.
There were two people in the pouring rain in bikes on the next door neighbor's driveway. They were at the house for sale on Brookwood with the large white dumpster on it. They told me they were only going through for cans and bottles and were leaving. I did not believe them so I continued to drive out of the driveway and to drive around the block to see where they were headed.

After driving around the block I noticed they were back to the house. I noticed the items they had, a small shop vac, and 3-4 black garbage bags of items. I then called the Sheriff's Dept. They took off on bike. The male is white and wore a baseball cap. He was riding an older silver color 10 speed. The woman is white and was in a red rain parka. They took off towards the school.

The Sheriffs came out around 3:10. I told them what had happened and they said they would look into it.
When I pulled back in the driveway I went and walked on the driveway next door. To my surprise I noticed a gas weed eater on the side of it and the backyard gate was open. I let the responding Sheriffs know. They checked out to make sure the house was secure.
I assumed they took the weed eater from the yard sale items at the end of Regent and Northwood. They went down and spoke with the owners of that home this morning too. This morning I found a very large metal box end wrench on the side of our home (North Edge side) in the street. Yes, that was what they dropped that awoke me.

I let them also know about the homeless tent at the creek and they said they would look into that.

I KNOW that couple will be back to go after more items left out on the driveway at the end of Regent.
PLEASE keep on eye out for them or any others right now.

As we begin the holiday season please look out for our each others homes. Every year stories of home break ins for Christmas gifts are all over the news.

Please call the Sheriffs right away. Please do it yourself and DO NOT assume someone else will.
I am sad to say I think too many people think someone else will.

Here are great phone numbers to save and use:
874-5115 for the Sheriffs Dept Non Emergency
874-5111 for Emergency
Update to this story on November 22nd:
A home was broken into on North Edge.  The home owner is fixing it up and it is vacant now.
There were many items stolen, as in weed eater, pressure washer, and many other items. I am assuming the large wrench that was dropped on the street outside our window that awoke me was from there.

This same women was seen in the neighborhood this evening too around 7 PM.
If the Cowan Group is able to drive these criminals out of their neighborhood, we may be next.  Thanks to the Cowan Group for the communication, and let's stay on the lookout.

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