Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Suspicious Man at my Door

From Brenda on Alva Court

I am very cautious about opening my front door. I live on Alva Court. There are only 5 houses and I am very familiar with what cars belong here.

At 3:38pm today my dog alerted me that someone was at my door. I did not hear the doorbell- I do not think he rang it. He did not knock.

I peaked out to see what was going on and saw a silver gray car parked across the street and then standing back to the side where I could not see him from my "peek hole" in front door was a man. He was an Asian man (early 30's) dressed in a dark shirt and light beige walking shorts. He was standing way back away from the door--which seemed strange to me and was trying to look in my windows-after a few minutes he walked back across the street and was looking back at my house. I then opened my front door and stepped out onto the porch , he saw me and then pulled out his phone- I yelled can I help you, but he got in his car drove off . He looked at me as he drove off. I did not have my glasses on -so did not get a license plate number. I find this strange...maybe he was a look out and
getting ready to break in....

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