Sunday, May 13, 2012

Recycling Scavengers

Friday morning, 5-11 at approx 3:30 AM-4:00 AM on the 2700 block of Butano
Three black male adults in a "old beat up" silver and red Ford f-150 (cal lic 3H67844), were going thru  the recycling cans, (set at the curb).  The noise of their activity awakened the residents of a house and the resident asked the "recycler's" to keep the noise down.

One, of the three individuals then made threats against the resident, saying that "they" know where you live.

The sheriff's dept was called and a patrol unit drove past, (may not have gotten the call in the system yet), the "recycler's went on their way.

I/we know times are tough, but threats against a person during the commission of a crime is not good for the rest of our neighborhood.

[Editor's note - this is opinion]
The sheriff's department has asked that we call in garbage scavengers.  Why is it a good idea?
1.  We're all contributing to county revenue by voluntarily giving our recyclables to the county.  The theft of community resources to benefit scavengers is no different from stealing the copper from our power lines and ultimately might cause raised taxes.
2.  Scavenging activity may be used to hide theft of bills and other documents to be used in identity theft.  It may be used to conceal casing of homes for later burglary.  If we don't call the police, it shows the intruders our neighborhood tolerates suspicious activity (don't confront them, just call).
3.  Such activity directly impacts you by lowering your property values.

The "I'm entitled to your community's resources and will hurt you if you object" attitude of these scavengers is particularly galling.  Please don't let this happen in our neighborhood!

Getting the license plate was great work.  If we see them again, the police will have multiple reports, making them more likely to take action.

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