Sunday, September 13, 2015

Theft of Solar Lights on La Verne Way

Neighbors on La Verne Way had solar lights stolen from their yard last night.  While they can't be sure of the time, the dog next door was reportedly barking at 4 AM, making it the probable time of the theft.

If you have information that might help, please feel free to e-mail.  

We haven't had solar lights stolen before, so this is a bit odd as they're not high dollar items.

Update:  Mystery Explained

Our neighbor found the lights around the corner on another street.  The resident in the home explained that four teenaged girls smoking pot Friday at 2:00 am sitting in his yard had the lights and left them behind.

So, stealing solar lights is apparently a bright idea stoned teenagers come up with.  At least they're back where they belong.  

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