Saturday, June 20, 2009

Appreciation for our POPS Officer

From John:

To Sheriff McGiness,

This is a short note to let you know what an outstanding job Deputy Duncan Brown is doing in our neighborhood.

Duncan has gotten rid of several chronic problem residences that I am aware of. These problems can range from neighbor disputes, drug dealing, domestic disturbances, serial burglaries, and bad elements hanging out at the neighborhood school.

As you know law enforcement, and public safety is a day to day issue, it never gets fixed permanently.

We recently learned Officer Brown will not be our POPS officer in a few weeks. We all hope his replacement will have the dedication Officer Brown has shown for our community.

Thank you
John S.
Del Paso Manor resident for 20 years
The Marconi Station, and POPS program has made a big difference in our neighborhood safety.

John suggests it might be a good idea to have many residents write in. If you'd like to contact Sheriff McGinness, you may do so at:

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