Saturday, June 20, 2009

Two Girls potentially casing homes in the neighborhood

From Amy:

Two young girls came to my door mid-afternoon today 6/18. They were both high school age, both brunettes, no makeup, both wearing black shirts one with the word SECURITY on the front and she also had two front chipped teeth. I normally never open the door to strangers but my kids were trying to help and answered the door for me. The girls stated that they were with a local organization asking people in the neighborhood about careers. They had no noticeable identification and were over friendly with my kids asking about their age, what they were doing this summer, attempting to pet our dog and I believe they would have walked right into my house if given the chance. They were asking probing questions about what I do, and trying to peak into my house. Only after a few shorts minutes, I told them I couldn't talk and shut the door. One girl was very unhappy with me ending the conversation, she proceeded to roll her eyes and mutter something under her breath. Shortly after shooing them away, I looked for them walking down my street and didn't see them. I definitely feel very uncomfortable with this encounter and feel like they were up to no good. I didn't give them any answers to any personal questions but felt like I was being "cased".

This event happened on Carissa Way.

From Ben:

They came by my house as well, they were selling magazines. I asked them to leave and they were rude to me as well. I was appropriately rude back, with vigor and hurtful intent. Stand strong Del Paso Manor stand strong

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