Monday, August 31, 2009

DPM 3727 Kings Way Break In update

I just wanted to let you know of the latest development in our break in. About half an hour ago, (09:35 PM Sunday, 08/30/2009) I was pulling out of my garage to get something at the grocery store for my daughter's school I forgot earlier. When i pulled out of my garage TWO men were standing next to my garage looking over my fence. They saw my vehicle pull out of the garage and took off, one on foot and one on a bike. I followed them up the street where they ultimately turned into the Kensington appartments. There was a tall black male appeared to be nearly 6 feet tall wearing a red or orange shirt and dark pants on a bike, and a white male with a dark baseball hat, white shirt and black pants, he appeared to be about 5"10 with dark hair. When I returned from the store to pull into my drive way I saw the white male with the baseball cap running down duran away from my house. I have called the police, they took the report over the phone and said an officer would be right over, it is about an hour later and still no cops at my house. This is very alarming going on, my house is definitely being targeted!

For the curious, what's a personal alarm mentioned in the first entry on this story?

A personal alarm is a small (playing card sized), battery operated alarm that is usually activated by pulling a cord. When this is done, it emits a loud (90 decibel) sound. They showed up on the market in the 90's. I stopped at Emigh Hardware today to see if they carried any. They said that they were out of stock, but should have some in tomorrow. The cost is around $16-17, and they should be located in the aisle with the door locks. If you can't find them, then ask Tim. Walmart might be another place to look.

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