Sunday, August 30, 2009

Suspicious Lexus In the Neighborhood

From Irene on the 2000 block of Maryal on 08/17/2009:

This morning at around 5:45am my husband, Orlando, called to tell me to call 911 because he felt that there was a possible break-in going to take place in our neighborhood. Below is what transpired:

This morning, at around 5:45am, as my husband left for work, he noticed a white two-tone grey Lexus 4 door sedan (older model, 1990?), with large chrome hubcaps, parked in front of the stop sign of Maryal Drive and St. Marks (facing in the direction of Watt Ave.). The driver was a large African American man and in the passenger seat was a white female, as well as a white female in the back seat. As my husband left for work he noticed that they were watching him, and when my husband passed them on Maryal, my husband then saw the Lexus pull forward and drive slowly and stop in front of our house. My husband then turned his truck around and came back down Maryal towards our house. The man in the Lexus saw my husband coming back and turned right on Gila. This man in the Lexus came back down Maryal Dr. and passed my husband and made a left on St. Marks and proceeded to park his car in front of: 2304 St. Marks. My husband then proceeded to drive back down Maryal Dr. and as he came to the stop sign of Maryal & St. Marks, he saw the man and the two women exit the Lexus and begin to walk down St. Marks (towards Lusk) each with a back pack.

At that point, my husband called me and told me to call 911.. I called 911 and gave the dispatcher the information that my husband gave to me, unfortunately my husband wasn’t able to get license plate. The dispatcher said he would try and send a cruiser to drive through the neighborhood.

As I left for work, at 6:10am, I decided to go down St. Marks to see if the Lexus was still there. As I approached the stop sign of Lynwood and St. Marks, I saw the man and the two women, each carrying backpacks, get into the Lexus, they appeared to be coming from the house 2304 St. Marks. They saw my vehicle and sped toward the end of St. Marks and made a left onto Lusk and another left onto Gila. I followed the Lexus (but stayed back at least 3 cars) onto Gila and was able to get the license plate: 6JAW682. As I followed the Lexus down Gila, I called 911 again to give them the car’s license plate # and a better description of the driver and passengers.

While I’m on the phone with the 911 dispatcher, the man in the Lexus stops his car in the middle of the street and put his Lexus in reverse and sped towards me, rolled down the passenger window and asked me if there was a problem. I told him that there was no problem, I was just wondering what he was doing in my neighborhood. He then proceeded to tell me that he and his friends were going to church.. I then told him that I didn’t know that there were church services at 5:45am on Monday morning, and that I was just concerned because there had been some suspicious events in our neighborhood and the model of his vehicle had been spotted on more than one occasion after these events had happened. He then told me that I would have to take that up with God, because he was just going to church. I told him that I was sorry for causing him any grief and that I would take it up with God. He then sped away down Gila and made a right onto Maryal towards Watt Ave.

The dispatcher then asked if everything was ok and asked for more info. i.e.; which way he turned onto Watt, better descriptions, license plate #, etc…etc…and said that she would send over an officer to cruise the neighborhood.

Although I had no intentions of having any type of contact with these individuals, it seems that they are brazen enough to make contact with me. If you see a pearl white/grey 4-door older model Lexus sedan, Lic # 6JAW682 around the neighborhood please report it. Apparently, they have been seen before and seem to be watching the schedules of the people who live in our neighborhood, and most importantly be safe! Lock your windows and doors to your house and cars! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at (phone number available on request).

P.S. Does anyone know the people who live at 2304 St. Marks? I would like to notify them of all of this as well…

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