Sunday, August 30, 2009

DPM alert BREAK IN 3000 Block KINGS WAY! - possible sex predator

Tonight (Friday August 28th) My husband and I went to a movie and left the kids with my sister to babysit, at approximately 9:00 we returned home before going out to dinner to check in and make sure everything was ok. We left the house approximately 10 minutes later. Just as we got to our restaurant (at Arden Fair Mall) we got a call from my sister telling me someone had Just broken into the back door after first attempting the front door. It appears as thought they thought no one was home since they must have watched our car pull away since this occured just moments later. She reported loud thumps against the front door followed by loud jerking on the door knob. Then after calling 911 they apeared to have jumped over our back fence (several black shoe rubber streaks noted on the white fence). They then went to our back door and loudly jerked the door knob and pounded against it until it ultimately opened, my sister pulled the personal alarm and they saw two tall men running and jump back over the fence. we were unable to get a description other than tall and male they were all very shaken up. I want to put this out there and see if anyone may have heard or seen anything at all, and also to request to my neighbors please kindly start turning on outside porchlights at night time, we live on the corner of Kings and Duran and that whole corner starting from across the street from us all the way to the house across the street on druan are completely dark at night, our house has been targeted now for several weeks and I feel strongly that it is due in part to the lighting issue in that part of the block. The police filed a report and they dont have any other leads. but this is the third time people have broken into our back yard at night time.

Sincerely, Robin

An addition to this is that Robin was out posting garage sale signs on Kings Way this morning and a greenish, Ford Taurus type vehicle made a u turn and follwed her up the street. When robin turned towards home, the vehicle made another u turn and followed her down the street, finally pulling up along side of her. The driver then something like, "Hi, honey, don't you have school today?" Because of Robin's short stature, and the comments by the driver, robin assumes that the individual was looking for teenage girls.

Once Robin made it clear that she was an adult, the driver drove off. No license plate number was obtained.

Again the vehicle is descibed as a greenish, Ford Taurus "type" vehicle. The occupant is described as a white male adult, possibly in his late 40's- early 60'sbald on top, grey on the sidesand the most identifiable features are tatoos up and down both arms, with a snake tatoo on one forearm.

Make your children aware of this vehicle/man, and if you see this vehicle, please get a license number so that we can notify the sheriff dept.

Additional information:

The vehicle, a greenish Ford Taurus type, has multiple antennas on it, at least three, of varying lengths, and so should stick out like a sore thumb. If were to hazard a guess, (considering his approach), he has a police scanner. When/if you see this vehicle, and perhaps call the authorities, inform them of this.

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  1. Robin may wish to report this to the Sheriff's department in any case, license plate number or no. With such identifiable markings, they may be able to figure out who this guy is. If he's a predator on parole, he may just have violated his restrictions, and Robin's report to police could send him back to jail and away from our children.